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With the surging popularity of computers, graphic designing also became widely popular. Today, millions of computers are being used worldwide for printing unique designs in today's apparel industry of West Midlands.

Screen and digital printing have a lot of differences. Following are some of them:

1. Faster and Cheaper – Printing using screens is widely popular and it also results in quality results, but digital process has took over it as a chief alternative because of being quick. Also, the set-up for digital printing is much cheaper and easier to do. For screen printing, one needs to set-up a screen for every colour which the design might take. This makes things more complex in nature as the complexity of the design increases. It rules out any such disadvantage as there are unlimited colours available for print.

2. More Control – It gives more control to the person during the entire printing process as compared to screen printing. IT simply gives the command of auto-matching ink to the printer unlike screen printing where one has to mix inks. Ink matching therefore allows the D printer to easily print any colour of the original design directly upon the t-shirt. The digital ink process makes the entire process of printing multi-coloured designs digitally on t-shirts a hassle free process.

3. Less Labour Cost – Labour is required in case of screen printing when the screen of a specific colour is required to set up. In case of digital printing, no such task is needed which means that labour costs much less in case of digital printing houses as compared to screen print houses. Screen printing also requires to mix shades of different inks so as to produce a specific colour of the original design. It offer the flexibility of choosing from myriad colours automatically while print the design, so at this front too, it saves bucks on labour.

Although digital print is better than screen printing in many respects, however, even today, many companies would favour screen printing for print a large order of t-shirts of the same design as the only downside of digital prnt is that manufacturers need to install multiple printers for speeding-up the its process. This is the reason why digital hasn't completely taken over the market and why these two methods which are the greatest of their times continue to work together.

However, digital P is now making stride in Solihull, West Midlands and Birmingham as more and more companies are switching to digital printers these days. The process is the new era of printing and it is here to stay for quite a long time.

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