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A history

Grow boxes can be described as custom built units used to raise plants in a home environment where the soil conditions are poor, and space is limited. It was Jacob Mittleider who had first introduced agriculturists and plant connoisseurs to the system of grow box agriculture where plants are grown in a controlled environment. They are raised in a medium layered over the soil. The soil offers the required nutritional elements while the medium itself provides the fertilizers.

The grow box gardening system can well be described as a self-contained gardening system. It replicates all the components of a “real” garden-offers gardeners everything that would be required for the proper nourishment of plants. The only exception in the case of grow boxes is that plants are grown in a controlled environment here. You might as well come across people claiming that outdoor crops taste much better than the ones raised indoors. However, you can completely eliminate issues regarding excessive heat, rain and pests. You are not required to continuously check whether the plants are attacked by pests or not or whether the soil has dried out or not.

It is very important to ensure that you are choosing the right size of the box to be employed for your home gardening. There are certain productions and efficiency related concerns that should be kept in view. The size of the box chosen by you will affect these issues in a major way. So, please do not think that you can choose any size that you want to.

The Hydroponic Grow Box:

These boxes might either employ soil or hydroponics to raise plants. A Hydroponic device utilizes a pump system to supply water (rich in nutrients) directly to the roots of the plants, thereby helping them to grow in a much cleaner way. The plants grown in these boxes do not rely on the soil for the nutrients. The system itself delivers the nutrients and soil for growth. So, basically, here you have got a nutrient-rich solution instead of soil working here. There are multiple water delivery systems employed in hydroponic boxes and a few of these systems are:

  • The wick system
  • The ebb and flow system
  • The water culture system
  • The Nutrient Film technique
  • Aeroponic system

The LED Grow Box:

These are a prudent choice for gardeners. Plants need light in order to grow properly and those growing up in the hydroponic boxes are no exception as well. The full spectrum of light offered by the LED grow boxes is required by the plants for photosynthesis. Without these lights, the plants will die.

The LED boxes are completely environment-friendly and use up very little energy. The light does not have mercury and can be recycled after use. These boxes do not require a rigorous maintenance schedule as well. These can either be purchased or constructed at home. If you are buying it, make sure you are relying only on trustworthy grow box dealers in the market.

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