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Shooting a commercial film, from one perspective, is easier than wedding cinematography. The commercial film has a whole crew of grips, focus pullers, sets, actors who know what to do and when to face the camera, director and others and innumerable retakes if something is not just perfect. Wedding cinematographers have only one attempt at each precious moment as the wedding unfolds and must come out tops.

There are two kinds of wedding cinematographers. One is the directorial kind who must preside over the ceremonies and direct all participants each step of the way. From the bride dressing up to the groom preparing him, the family and everything else, you have the wedding videographer and his team occupying centre stage. For the guests, it is as if they are watching a shoot rather than a ceremony where two souls unite. Anyone who hires this kind of wedding cinematographer will have ample cause to regret it later.

Then there is the expert in wedding cinematography Vancouver-based who is of a different kind altogether. He knows he cannot direct events (except for family group shots). With this in mind, he takes ample to get to know the bride, the groom, and the family as well as other important guests that will need to be covered in the video. He will visit the location and get the best ideas about placing lights, existing lighting and angles from which to cover the events without intruding. On the all important wedding day, the specialist in wedding cinematography Vancouver based is there along with his team. They go about their business and none of the guests even notice their presence. If at all they need the bride or groom to look into the camera or pause, they do so with the help of prearranged signals. None of it is obtrusive nor does it look stage-managed.

Coverage is one thing. Wedding cinematography goes beyond simple shooting with a high-resolution state of art video camera. The magic might happen in the editing software. Here, the cinematographic skill of the videographer and his edit team come into play, endowing the video with qualities that make it memorable. Cinematography can transform a simple shoot into a sequence of dramatic events, endow the sequences with a dream-like ambience or just bring about the flow of emotions and the play of light and color. It is time-consuming and it is a skilful art. Most straight videographers rarely have the skill or the time to create a storyline in the editing process. Experts do. Their cinematographic wedding videos are not just eminently watchable; they can be viewed repeatedly and each time you discover something new and something magical.

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