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Lighting differs from from event to event and from venue to venue. Professional event photography involves knowing and having the skills to capture flawless images be it a live concert, church event, baptism, award show, wedding, nigh club, bar mitzvahs and more. If the event is indoor the corporate photographer must know which equipment is required to execute the project successfully. In terms of lighting the photographer should have speed flashes available. If flash is not allowed, for example some catholic wedding ceremonies will not allow it, the event photographer must know how to use his or her camera correctly in low lighting situations. Newer cameras allow professionals to shoot with a high ISO without compromising quality.

Here are some great questions you should ask a corporate photographer before you hire them:

Are you available for my event date?

If the corporate photographer you are trying to hire is not even available for your date you do not need to ask any further questions. You may however ask them to recommend a reputable second. Most event photographers work closely with 1 to 2 other photographers.

Is there an extra fee for travel outside of Toronto?

Some photographers charge a travel fee if they have to leave the GTA but for the most part cities like Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markham and Pickering are included in their basic rates. It is realistic to expect additional charges if they have to travel further.

Have you been to our venue before?

Knowing if they are familiar with your venue is not super important but at least you know if they know how to get there or not. Try having your first consultation at the venue that way you could do a walk through together.

Will you do a walk through if you have not been to the venue before?

If they agree to do a walk through, the photographer will become familiar with how to drive to your venue and gage how long it takes with or without traffic. They will also learn what they are up against when it comes to lighting and locations wall outlets if need be.

Will you be the photographer or will someone else be shooting?

Sometimes the photographer you meet with might not be the photographer attending your event. Are you speaking to the business owner or the actual photographer? In some cases they are both so just ask. Is it a huge deal? No not really every Galaxy Photoz just like any other photography firm in Toronto has a reputation to uphold. I can almost guarantee you that all of their photographer's image are on their website, you've seen it before, you approved and now thats why you are asking these questions.

What different packages do you have and what do they include?

Do not expect a DVD unless you ask for it! Now a days corporate photographers are becoming more eco friendly and tech savvy. Most will simply give you a online gallery to share with friends and colleges and a link to download the high res images. If you want a USB or DVD of the images you simply have to ask. It is also important to know how many hours are included in the package you a buying and how much each additional hour will cost should you go overtime. If it is an early event make sure the photographer is not booked for something else later that day because if you need them longer they may not be able to.

Will you be using our images online?

In all honesty, you should expect that a corporate photographer will use your images online, after all you got in touch with them because your found images from their past events online right?. If you do not want images from your function to be used by the photographer it's very important that you speak up before hand. Sometimes photographers will not take on the project if you decline to let them use the images as it is not a priority for them if they are trying to fit you on their calendar.

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