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Whenever we hear the word love – marvellous, passionate, and poetic pictures start coming into our minds. Nonetheless, when it's about capturing images of couples who are in deep love, you need to have exceptional skills in order to capture the true moments.

When you meet the couple right before the start of the photo-shoot, ask them to become cosier and embrace each other for a while. This will help to remove hesitation and you'll get better results.

Let's take a look at some top tips to capture romantic and lovely pictures of couples.

Find The Best Light

Bright and romantic light is a lovely light that brings out the immense positive feeling. Early morning and late evening light is delicate and fantastic, so if conceivable then do the shooting amid these times. Make an attempt and maintain a distance from flat light or harsh overhead light that tends to eliminate any sentimental feel.

Consider The Location, Scenery And Background

The area or setting has a considerable measure to do with how beautiful and romantic a photo turns out. Despite the fact that in sounds cliche, dusks deliver solid and striking pictures. Keep in mind that you can influence area and every component in the background and not totally depend on light only. For instance, which month of the year is it? If it's spring, capture the changing shades of the leaves, utilise the outfits of the season that make your couple feel comfortable – long boots with short dresses, caps and scarfs will look awesome.

Hide And Utilise Layering In Pictures

Layering is one of the most loved techniques and is possible without any need for you to hide from the couple. You can capture images in a totally open space and still use layering. Simply snatch something, place it before your focal point and imagine that the camera is looking through a hole. Layering technique of capturing photographs can be just as simple as that. You can get a leaf and utilise it as a layer between the camera and the subject. You can use a wide range of things – fabric, a prism, cellophane, water droplets, you can try many things.

Ask The Couple To Have Better Chemistry

While shooting a couple who's in love, you need to have complete privacy. Ensure that no one is around, and then make the couple more comfortable with each other. Romance is something that comes out best in privacy. Ask the couple to look in each other's eyes, and tell them to act as if they are alone in that and even you're not present. Ask them to embrace each other, so they can get comfortable and deliver some mesmerising moments.

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Write A Story With Photographs

A photo that recounts no story has no attraction. If you have the skills, then with a digital camera, you can write plenty of stories. While photographing, ensure that you have a start, middle and a lovely ending. This approach becomes really important when you're capturing pictures of a romantic couple.

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