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The act of taking images of flying or static on-ground aircraft from different angles is called aviation photography. There are mainly four types of aviation photography; ground-to-air, air-to-air, ground static and remote photography. Irrespective of the types, this photography requires additional skills. When talking about air-to-air photography, the photographers have to target the fast-moving aircraft from another another aircraft at a considerable distance. Also, air-to-air shots involve considerable planning and expense. Aviation photography gives the photographers an opportunity to capture extraordinary images. When taking air-to-air images, photographers are also required to have a degree of technical know-how along with the basic knowledge of the principles of flight.

While photographing propeller airplanes or helicopters, the common mistakes done by beginners is to stop their propeller and rotor blades by choosing a shutter speed that is too fast. It's difficult to 'freeze' a fast-moving object using a fast shutter speed. If you wan to get an insight into aviation photography, you have to learn this basic photographic lesson. Propeller-driven airplanes should always be shot at a shutter speed of 1/250 second or slower. If you are capturing helicopters images, the shutter speed should be even slower. This will make the pictures look more realistic and spectacular. There are helicopters that have three or more rotor blades. When taking shots of these helicopters, remember that the shutter speed should be less than 1/125 second. On the other hand, the helicopters with two blades can be shot at a speeds of 1/60 second or slower.

When taking shots of fast military aircraft or jets, there is no need to worry about freezing propeller or rotor blades. Experienced military aircraft aviation photography professionals often combine slower shutter speeds with clever panning to create more realistic images. It's difficult to avoid blurring images with slow shutter speed, so photographers must learn to pan effectively.

Shooting static aircraft on the ground will require a compact camera. At air shows, photographers walk around the tarmac to shoot close views. You should avoid your camera's auto ISO setting for producing quality images. High ISO settings result in noisier images. Performing ground-to-air and air-to-air shoots of fast-moving aircraft will demand an entirely different set of skills. Also you'll need fast, reliable AF to shoot a flying aircraft. If you are looking for Military aviation photography in USA, you can get these services by just clicking a few buttons on your keyboard.

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