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Having a photo booth at a wedding reception is a growing trend on a global scale. More couples are choosing to incorporate these portable items at their reception to add that fun element to the event, but also to enjoy the host of benefits that they provide.

Some couples take advantage of the photo booth as guests arrive at the reception. Each print is then used as part of the seating chart, a fun and unique element that makes a statement and is different to what all the other wedding receptions have on offer. This adds something different, something fun and something exciting to the start of the reception, a fun element that only continues on as the reception continues.

The photographs printed from the photo booth can also be fun wedding favours. Couples can add small photo frames to each placement, giving their guest something to place their pictures in, a unique favour that will provide lasting memories of the special day.

A photo booth at any event is a fun experience for guests. They can take fun pictures with their family and friends, create lasting memories and share their experiences right there and then through social media. If you have a software solution that enables Facebook uploads, then the guests can instantly share what they are doing, providing their friends and family with the fun experience they are enjoying.

As the reception continues throughout the evening, the photo booth grows in popularity and the funny pictures taken by the guests can be used to create a unique photo album that you can enjoy for years to come. Rather than having the traditional wedding album with carefully taken photographs, you can enjoy an album brimming with fun moments that your guests enjoyed throughout the reception.

The photo booth can be blended with your theme on the day. A photo booth is made up of a strong frame and covered in a skin. Ensure that the company you choose to supply the booth on your special day can change the skin to meet your theme, ensuring the booth blends into the reception beautifully.

It's also worthwhile ensuring that the booth can take video. This enables your guests to provide a congratulatory video which you can watch over and over, it can also help you save money as you won't need a videographer to attend the day, but rather leave your guests to provide their own messages, which the company can provide to you after the event.

If you want to create a photo album, ensure the photo booth supplier can print two copies of each print. This way your guests get one to keep and the other goes into your album. Guests can also write something on the back of the pictures, something special for you to look at over the years moving forward.

A photo booth benefit at any wedding is the statement it makes. With all wedding receptions following a similar routine, having something different will make the reception memorable and enjoyable. Your guests get to have some fun, relive their childhood and have an experience they are less likely to forget in the near future.

Ensure that in order to enjoy the benefits of a photo booth at your wedding reception that you choose a company that will provide you with a reliable service. They should provide you with a good quality product that is guaranteed to make a statement, it should come with an attendant that remains with the booth throughout the event and only provide the best quality pictures for you and your guests to enjoy for year to come.

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