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When you go through magazines, catalogs, menu cards, etc in a coffee shop, what catches your attention? Is it the text or the photography that accompany it? Yes, photography is the right answer. Photography directly appeals to the perspective buyers. Let us take the example of cosmetics industries that operate via agents not retail marketing. Usually these companies come out with wonderful catalogs with the products displayed in a very detectable manner, which catches the attention of various purchasers. This is one of the best examples of commercial photography. But everything depends on the right commercial photographers in Dallas. So, how to find these photographers?

Business Directories

The first and foremost method of finding the right photographer is to simply flick through the printed pages of your business directory and look under the category Photographer-commercial or industrial. Depending on your location, you should have at least a handful of these photographers advertising their services.

Online directories

If you search on the internet, you can find a good number of photography directories and generic business directories. The good ones usually have a link to the home page of the photographers which is a major advantage over the printed directories. Try to narrow your search by typing which photographer you want. You can find a range of options.

Search Engines

Nowadays, every commercial photographer is serious about their profession. Thus, the maximum number of them usually has a website and they pay attention to their online presence. So, similarly like searching for any other thing in the internet, a quick browse on the internet will offer you a good choice of photographs. Type commercial photographers in Dallas in Google and you will find a range of options. If you are staying in a place where there is no photographer, then you can search for photographers of that location.


Another source of finding a photographer is to check the website of different photographic bodies. There are various photographic bodies from where you can get information on such photographers.

Personal Testimonials

Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing tool for every business. A personal recommendation is just like gold dust. Ask them as much question you can. Go through the portfolio of the website. This can offer you a good idea about whether you like the style of the photographer. Ask them for recommendations. Ask the customers who have previously taken their help.

No doubt all of the above options have both merits and demerits, but it is strongly recommended to apply a combination.

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