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Photography is a fascinating art. It expresses the cultural and social values promoting the cultural ethnicity of the individuals of the country. It also helps in introducing the ways of living and making their style known to the modern world. The art of photography is one of the fascinating worlds, which is filled with maximum shades and vitality.

The digital age has arrived and taken over the world of photography. The old fashioned way of taking photographs has been vanished. In days gone by, photography was not an art but a craft used primarily in capturing faces and portraits of subject seated primly and stiffly in front of lavish backdrops that were supposed to look artificial as their poses as said by individuals who are providing valued Pakistani Photography in Manchester Photographs, rather the portrait photographs and portrait photography was then serious business and not just for those posing but also for those behind the cumbersome and unwieldy cameras that are being required equally for huge flashlights. Images were then stored on negatives and not on computer chips. Touching entailed working on the negative and positive forms of film and colour was being added by hand.

The traditional might not have been recognised as artists but they truly were-the proof of this lies in the flourish with which they added colour to black and white world they captured and knowing eye with which they picked the right tints and appropriate colour to it.

But this pain staking craft has all but died out. The images are now stored on machines and touched up in photo shop and this has sounded the death knell for the world of photography. Even the art of taking passport photographs, portraiture in its own way is no longer required.

Photographs try and capture a world that after some time become the part of history and helps in remembering the images makers and individuals who are gone away. Off late varied photography has turned out to make positive inroad among the mass, as armature photography has grown in recent years and with the advent of cheep digital cameras and this digital photography that has become easily accessible to the amateur due to low cost of both equipment and reproduction of the images, that are as follows :-

Black and white or monochrome photography:

This is not simply presenting an image in black and white, black and white photography explores the contour and character along with toned and texture, the aesthetic art and beauty of the subject is equally appealing. The couple of components of black and white photography that provides depth and feeling to the images are shadows and highlights, if we learn in using them then we can create great images

Action photography:

Action photography might be where the photographer takes pictures of sporting event or of children playing anytime intact where there is movement. Either set the shutter speed to freeze the action or try a slower shutter to blur the movement. If the subject is moving across the frame try to track the subject, this is called panning, the effect once perfected is the subject is sharp but the background has the movement blur by giving the impression of speed.

Aerial photography:

Aerial photography is best if you want to photograph a landscape or cityscape. But we all can't afford a helicopter, but great effects can be achieved from the top of tall buildings along with bridges or mountains. So although true aerial photography might be out of reach.

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