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Timing and planning your wedding photography sessions perfectly plays a vital part in making those memories stay forever. The time of the day in which a picture gets taken decides the feel it emanates. If you would want memoirs created then it is imperative to use natural lighting to your advantage. Nature is beautiful and knowing how to manipulate it brings out the real professional in your photographer. Natural lighting varies with the season, time of the year, time of the day and a lot more. An experienced photographer would be able to take advantage of the best times in order to take beautiful pictures.

The part of the day one chooses to conduct the wedding ceremony has a lot of importance with regards to creating lasting pictures. Lighting when it is perfect produces an aura that cannot be replaced by artificial lighting. This is exactly why you should choose a time where one would have abundant natural lighting. Photographers usually prefer to photograph at the golden hour which is one hour before sunset. The images produced during the golden hour will have a warmer tone as the sun is low in the sky with the light being less intense. During midday the light emitted by the sun's rays is very strong as the sun is right above. The light produced is very harsh and doesn't give you a soft romantic effect. Photographing with the sun directly above the head will create shadows just under the eyes and nose exposing the cheekbones which in turn will create an effect not so flattering.

To the relief of most couples, photographers usually avoid midday as it is very hot and the couple will be exhausted with the scorching heat. There are other reasons too apart from the heat factor, too much sun will cause one to squint producing awkward poses for photographs. Also nobody would love looking all sweaty and flustered in the wedding photographs. Weather is another very important consideration to be made. Natural lighting is dramatically influenced by the weather conditions and this is why couples choose the warmer seasons to be wedded. Lighting is also influenced by the geographical locations such as hills and mountains. If you dream to be married in one of these exotic locations, make sure your photographer is well aware and prepared to handle poor lighting conditions.

With all these factors considered, you can plan the pre-wedding photographs to start and be finished with 4 and half hours before sunset providing a timeframe of one and half hours for it. The grand wedding ceremony would occur ideally 2 and half hours before sunset. Give this ceremony half an hour to be complete. The congratulations and wishes should be planned 2 hours before sunset and it would carry on for a time period of half an hour. Finally the reception pictures should be planned from sunset onwards. Planning the photography this way will help you take advantage of the natural lighting and the results will be amazing.

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