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A camera recorder is a compact electronic recording gadget fit for recording live-movement feature and sound for later playback. A camera recorder captures the live moments, beautiful memories which can be recollected later.

Capturing the moment and watching it later is like travelling back to that very time is always mesmerizing. There are many types of camcorders available. Some of them are:

  • Hard drive camera recorders:

Hard drives generally have high storage capacity which allows capturing more and more favourite moments. They also allow using memory cards which instantly increase the memory.

  • Flash memory camera recorders:

These are used in devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Thus, it contains no moving parts in it. Thus, they can be more resistible to sudden movements like being dropped. Most of them can also increase their internal memory by inserting memory cards so that one does not have any problem when it is out of space.

  • Standard definition, high definition, 3D:

This is to choose between different standards of camera recorders. If you want to watch any video or picture on your small screen like tablet or laptop or want to upload it anywhere then standard definition camera recorder is fine. But if it is to be used for movies, then high definition is the best suitable option.

Earlier camcorders were known as a camera with a recorder, but nowadays the digital recording capability makes them a camcorder. It is composed of three major components:

  • A lens that is used for gathering and focusing of light
  • An image is used for converting light into an electric signal
  • A recorder that converts the electrical signal into digital video and encodes them for storage.

Camcorders are used extensively in every field. Some of the uses are as follows:

  • Media: They are utilized by almost all electronic media, from electronic-news associations with current-issues TV preparations. In remote areas, camcorders are helpful for beginning feature obtaining; the feature is along these lines transmitted electronically to a studio or generation habitat for telecast.
  • Home video: They are also used to record private instances and memories which can be viewed later.
  • Entertainment: They are also used to produce low budget TV shows. Motion pictures have been shot altogether on purchaser digital camera supplies. Scholarly filmmaking projects also use camcorders because of the lessened cost and simplicity of altering of advanced media and the expanding lack of film stock and supplies.
  • Education: Nowadays the use of digital media has increased tremendously in schools. Students use video cameras to record feature journals, make short movies and create multi-media ventures crosswise over subject limits. Instructor assessment includes an educator's classroom lesson being recorded for audit by the authorities, particularly for inquiries of educator residency.

Nowadays there are many advanced features available in camcorder such as wifi. With wifi compact cameras we can stay connected whenever and wherever we want to. The features available with these camcorders are:

  • Connect with smart phones and tablets
  • Control your camera and view images remotely.
  • Direct internet sharing from your camera
  • Backup your photos online on your computer etc.

If you are looking to buy the best of a camcorder, then you should definitely go for Panasonic cams. They are worth the price.

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