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Studio environments are the best location to master he “photo” part of the Photography. Having a studio at home has several Advantages. You can do things at your own pace, Time is not wasted transit, you will not get curtailed due to rain, sun etc. Contrary to what you think, a small home studio will not cost much and more importantly will not occupy a great deal of the most important resource in home viz. space. So, here are the elements that go in to setting up a home studio.

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  • Photo table and accessories: the most important item you need for a home studio is a table to keep the products that need to be photographed. You will need specially “photo tables “,”light tables” or “still life tables”. A photo table looks like a chair with the seat removed! It allows a seamless backdrop like a laminate to be placed on top.
  • Laminate: this is the decorative sheet that is stuck on the top of most home and office tables. These are available in several colors and textures. The most useful ones are the white ones and with wood grain finish.
  • Lights: once you have light table you need to get the lights organized .there are two types of lights available-continuous and flash. The latter are also known as alternate light source is the electronic flash. For home studio, large mains operated studio strobes are overkill. You can portable electronic flashes; the type you mount on your camera hot shoe. These flashes are low cost, battery operated and powerful enough.
  • Light modifiers: the raw light out from a portable flash can and sometimes may need to be modified. This is done with the help of light modifiers. These include diffusers, reflectors, Gobos etc.
  • Light tent: a light tent is a rectangular box with translucent material on all sides. Some of the sides have openings that can be closed or opened by means of zips or Velcro. These allow you to photograph the product inside the tent. These are foldable and hence portable. They act as a boon for table top Photography.
  • Miscellaneous items : a studio will have endless list of items. however, any of them are simple and are in fact commonly used household you keep taking photographs in your home studio, you will quickly come to know what items are needed and you can acquire them progressively.
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