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If you are also facing the same problem of getting a perfect shot because the light isn't right? Then I can easily co-relate to your situation and don't need to worry after reading this article you would definitely get some tips for great Halloween photography. As there are plenty of things you can do to get some great Halloween shots and please check the list to get you started.


  • You can start early shoot : It's could be a good idea if you start you photography bit earlier rather than pass up the opportunity to take the photograph .There are some early events in which you can participate without and can have those tricky shots in daylight.
  • Lighting: We all know that Halloween is bit difficult festival to shoot where most of the event took place in the dark when low light conditions make it difficult for your camera to get a sharp shot. The best time is dusk where you can easily take favor of natural light to easily forgo your flash while still capturing the bright colors of your costumes.
  • Become part of the crowd: Be part of the festivities. Your subjects will play their character roles with more authenticity when you become part of the crowd rather than being perceived as an observer. If you are able to interact naturally with your subjects, they will also appear natural in your photographs. Dress up, be funny, and have fun!
  • Move around: Because you will not be using your camera's flash feature, you are very dependent on the light that is available. By changing your position and experimenting with various angles, you will eventually find the useable light that will be good for the type of images you want to create. Find a good position, stay there and keep shooting for a while. Make advantage of it, but at some point, move on to a new location. By changing your position your images will show a variety of backgrounds, which not only keeps you entertained during the shooting process but also will later hold the attention of those viewing your images.
  • Shoot raw: Using the camera's RAW format over the processed and compressed JPEG format is always good choice when you want to post-process your capture. The reason is simply that there is more information in each pixel of a RAW image. In many cases, you may not physically see a comparable difference, but your computer sees much more in these pixels than your eyes.
  • When you process your image, the computer has more material to work with, therefore giving you more potential when pushing the sliders on your image editing software. The kind of processing we mostly do on nightly Halloween pictures is the use of noise reduction filters and exposure compensation to brighten up the scenes.

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