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Additional Photography Information:

Digital Camera Photography has become a craze among photographers, both amateur and professional. In fact there are numerous websites which offer online tutorials in the art of mastering this type of photography. There are several advantages to using digital cameras over the traditional ones using photographic films. They are:


  • There is no need for buying or developing photographic films.
  • Images shot can be immediately seen, deleted and retaken if required.
  • Photos can be taken in colour, black and white or sepia tones without any hassle.
  • They can also take videos or moving pictures.
  • Images can be viewed either on the screen, television, computer, laptop, tablet etc.
  • Images are easy to process and edit.
  • Using rechargeable battery packs are much more economical.
  • But for any first time user the array of buttons and options present on the digital camera can be quite confusing and may even lead to the images coming out horribly wrong. Hence it is always better to opt for any of the numerous photography training courses that are available online.

    DSLR Handling

    Handling a DSLR camera correctly needs expert advice they mostly come with options to manipulate certain settings like shutter speed, ISO, aperture etc. Some useful tips for beginners are listed below:

    • The manual which comes along with the camera is the user's best friend. It may look intimidating but it contains solutions to every possible problem that a beginner might encounter and hence should be properly kept.
    • The actual lens of a DSLR camera cost quite a lot of money to replace if they get scratched. Hence it is best to buy individual UV filters for each and every lens owned by the user since these are easy to replace and also protect the actual lens. Also the original lens of the camera should never be changed outside on a windy or rainy day as chances of them getting damaged increases under such incremental weather.
    • The user needs to be thorough with all the settings and options present on the camera, irrespective of whether he needs to use it or not. Changing the settings and options should be practised on a regular basis so as to facilitate taking pictures of a wide range of objects, both movable and immovable.
    • Must have accessories along with the DSLR should necessarily include a tripod stand, remote release and a good camera bag. Of course collecting good DSLR photography magazines also provides the user with useful DSLR Photography tips, which help bring about the required finesse in the art of digital photography.
    • Care must be taken to never touch or even blow on the mirror present inside the camera body because once damaged, the replacement cost is as much as the cost of a new DSLR. In instances of spots appearing on the mirror, the auto clean technology present within the camera should be activated to clean the mirrors safely.

    It is possible for the first few photographs to come out blurred but this is because the user has not spent enough time understanding his DSLR. With use the quality of the pictures improve to a point wherein they appear almost life-like and also get appreciated by people viewing them.

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