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Yes Jewelry photography and Reflective Products Photography can be extremely challenging. Especially for Rings. To get the Diamond stud in focus, the band or the shank is compromised. Hence the shank tends to look blur while the top part -Diamonds are sharp and in focus. To avoid this issue, we do a technique called Image Stacking or Focus Stacking. This helps to resolve the problem of blur while getting the perfect angle without compromise.

You don't want to see my face or the camera in your jewelry….correct? Yes this is where the challenge begins. Sterling silver, White Gold jewelry tends to be the most challenging. There is no color and hence no contrast to depend on. Here come in Lights, reflectors and the whole nine yards. Getting the correct angle with the least reflection or glare in it is a good starting point. Make sure there is diffused lights. Use the best camera setting – I prefer Manual. Have your White Balance ready and then Shoot!

TIP- Try using the Stamp/ Smudge tool in Photoshop gently over the surface of the jewelry and in the direction of the grain of the metal. See the picture dissolve into a shimmering slumber. It gives the gentle sheen that such jewelry has.

A truly superb alliance between plain jane metal and swarovski crystals or gemstones. A sparkling Sapphire shines glamorously in Black Gold metal earrings. The curves of the metal earrings gives it a puffy look. These puffy dangles needed to capture that look. Get the lights on the concave part of the earrings and you will capture the perfect shot to work with further. This technique gives a depth to the earrings and justifies the puffy look.

STAINLESS STEEL is another equally difficult to photograph item. Stainless steel products require a great Balance between the soft light strobes and an open ended channel set up. This allows for a combination of soft light and direct hit daylight on the tile surfaces. The high resolution photos of these tiles need to showcase the grain of the steel. This calls for a gradient effect which can be achieved perfectly by the above combination. If you use a closed light box, the effect will be more of a Satin look than the stainless steel bright look.

CHROME FAUCETS– A project where reflections and glares actually help in getting the perfect look for the products. Never shoot such products in an enclosed space. Shooting them using strobe light boxes on 3 sides allowing the remaining reflections to be showcased, gives it the chrome look. Make sure the reflections are just along the length of the faucets. Makes the product photo impressive. Compare them with the Satin Paper Dispenser beside them. The difference is Obvious and impressive!!

HAMMERED COPPER/ METAL Photos– The hammered copper needs to be showcased as you see it holding in your hand. Shooting in a perfectly pristine environment is not a good solution. The hammered look can disappear if not enough light and reflections play the nice game. Make sure you photograph it in an optimum environment of Strobe tent lights and copper reflectors.

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