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Whether you are enjoying fun time with a gang of old friends, hanging around with your spouse on a beach or are ready to attend a celebration; pictures and videos are a must. As soon as you are ready, you certainly take a 'selfie'. Do you miss capturing the best moment with your “bestie” at a coffee shop? Do you miss a chance to click the pictures of enticing sights on the way? No never!!!

The “Easy” s

Thanks to the technological advancements, the best clicks are just a finger away. You click on your mobile phone and you can click other's pictures or your own; the very “selfie” of the new generation. What's more, you can even capture your child's landmark moments like the time he first spoke, the time he first crawled, the time he first walked and more so. Well; it need not be a click. Even the best videos with utmost clarity are now possible with a small instrument you carry; your mobile phone. You can even do this with video cameras, camcorders and the most professional cameras and equipment. What's more, they are easy and convenient to use. In fact, you can even film a friend's or near one's wedding video, Los Angeles easily.

Hardships in the past

However, creating videos wasn't this easy always.

The history of wedding video, Los Angeles dates back to the time when even video cameras were unavailable. Then, videos were only created with the help of 8 mm or 16 mm films. Some enterprising individuals then donned the caps and loaded their cameras with 8mm or 16 mm films to record wedding videos for family and friends. However, these cameras came with a time limitation of 4 minutes. So, after 4 minutes, the camera needed to be loaded with a new film cartridge.

Can you imagine the effort and time involved in creating a wedding video lasting for half an hour? Consider the difference; today, even the memory card in your phone can store thousands of pictures and a good number of videos!

So, imagine the journey traversed to reach from the era of hardships to the “easy techno” era.

The Journey

Not only was capturing videos difficult, even arresting a good moment into a picture was equally challenging. Heavy equipment, heavy lights and inappropriate exposure made things all the more challenging. What's more, even after all the effort, the quality of the pictures was never guaranteed. They were often hazy and unclear.

Moreover, wedding videos and photographs then had a reputation of interfering and obstructing the wedding festivities due to the bulky equipment.

The next landmark in the journey of videos was the launch of the first camcorder by SONY during the 1980's. Since then, videos have evolved from its nascent stages to high-end videos. Since 1990's, the best wedding videos began to appear, which were not only clear, but were also appealing and enticing. This is how we are here in the “simple” and “advanced” era of photography and videos, where the wedding videos and pictures seem more like a dream come true.

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