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When it comes to global destination weddings, one of the most famous and wildly coveted places has to be Maui. From its beautifully glittering sand, to its sparkling blue water, Maui promises some amazing wedding photographs. But like most things related to weddings, wedding photography in Maui can be a little stressful, especially for the bride if not organized systematically.

First things first, hiring a photographer. Since Maui is such a popular tourist destination, you are bound to come across tons of professional photographers, or so they may claim. The difficult task is sorting out the good from the bad and the bad from the mediocre. In order to do this, you can always ask some of the locals, if you aren't too familiar with the territory, or better yet, look up on the internet, because the hottest shot professional photographers have their very own websites of portfolios online. Look for Maui family photographers around the wedding spot.

There will be tons of people giving you advice, but it is always a good idea to hire someone locally, because chances are that not only will they charge you less than someone from your own country, but you will also not have to pay for their travelling hours. Not only this, but you get to interact with them on a one on one basis, and take their opinion on shots and assortments and so on. Also, most local photographs have a fair idea about the different beaches, and can hence guide you better in selecting the perfect spot.

The second important thing that you have to sort out is the location at which the photographs will be taken. While Maui is a beautiful place and most Maui family photographers will tell you that the beaches are the perfect locations for getting any and every kind of shot, you have to realize that a lot of factors play an important role in making a shot a great one, for instance, the topography, the density of the crowd, the lighting, the weather and so on. It is always a good idea to opt for a location that is not crawling with patrons left and right. Also, ask your photographer if you can get your wedding shots done during the sunrise or the sunset on order to catch the right amount of light.

It is always a good idea to go and visit the location at least once before the big day, and take a few photographs in natural light, just in order to see how it translates onto the paper, and if the natural atmosphere is the one you are looking for. You need not pay your photographer for an extra day, for you can simply do this with your own digital camera or the camera on your iPhone since all you will be clicking are going to act as test shots. Also, just to be on the safe side, you should pick an alternative location as well, in case something is wrong with the first one.

Make sure that you have a clear line of communication with your photographer and that they have a fair idea as to what kinds of photographs you want, in order to avoid disappointment and frustrations on both ends. Talk to them again, if you have to.

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