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Weddings are such days where you want time to freeze and you hope that the day never ends. But how is that possible- that is where we step in and provide you pictures from behind the frame.

We make sure to give your wedding day back in your life through motions and perfectly clicked photographs. Salim Khan is a wedding photographer from Pune. He along with this team of Pune wedding photographers will help you capture moments and memories to turn it into magic.

Best Pune Wedding Photographers

Weddings in India bring together not only the bride and groom but also two families. Weddings are a marriage between two families. Every ceremony and ritual in a wedding makes two families together. We love weddings too and this love makes it possible to get you the perfect clicks for the stunning wedding. Weddings in Pune is a one day celebration event with a beautiful premise and energetic atmosphere with joyful and uplifting from the great Maratha Empire. The resonances of traditional drums and the various events are captured and preserved with love by our team of Expert Pune Wedding Photographers. We as a team love to shoot, observe and capture such splendid weddings that honour the traditional practices of its bride and groom's community that explains the greatness of Marathi weddings.

If marriages are made in heaven then we are your angels who help to create best memories for you in the form of our photography and wedding films. We, a team of experienced Pune wedding photographers work extensively to give you a bundle of impeccable emotions, detailed love, minute happiness and everything little that goes into a wedding through our lens.

Photography is a Memory making Tool

If you ask a married couple about a day they want to relive, the foremost answer will always be the wedding day. And we, Pune wedding Photographers are here to fulfil this magical need of yours. Your lifetime event captured frame by frame so that those lovely celebrations can be relived again. We give you a visual library of all the celebrations that you missed during your wedding. We love marriages and this is what makes us happy to deliver those smiles when you go through your pictures and videos of your wedding day. The most satisfying part is seeing the smiles the spring up when couple go back in time while swiping through their wedding pictures.

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If you are looking for a good wedding photographer from Pune then Salim Khan is the one that you should look out for. We are the best team to give you perfect photographs with our experienced hands, great light knowledge and light play.

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