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Aerial Photography is one of the most versatile forms of photography that combines an artist's vision and technological know-how. Simply put, 'Aerial Photography' means taking pictures of the ground from an elevated position. But is it as simple as it sounds? Not really. One of the main reasons for the use of this technique is to remotely study a landscape or an environment. In normal photography techniques, there are chances that a lot of remote locations or objects go untraced. That is where Aerial Photography does its magic and helps in giving a bird's eye view. It helps in remotely recording the ever-changing natural features of the earth that are otherwise inaccessible. Another advantage of ariel photography is that the survey work on ground can be carried out at a better speed with better precision.

Aerial Photography has played a very crucial and important role is in the field of archeology, environmental studies, real estate evaluations, map-making, urban and rural planning. With the help of three dimensional perspective provided Aerial Photography, vital environment phenomenas like flooding, wildlife, forest fires can be studied and mapped better. There are some well known Aerial Photography Services in Singapore, US, UK, Australia and many other countries that offer aerial photography products like contact prints, digital imagery and air photo enlargements to name a few. However, each of these countries follow their respective air safety standard guidelines and regulations when it comes to Aerial photography.

There are mainly two types of Aerial Photography – Oblique and Vertical Orientation. In Oblique Aerial photos, photos are taken from a earth surface-aircraft usually from low angle (low oblique) or high angle (high /steep oblique). In Vertical Orientation, photographs are taken straight down and are mainly used in image interpretation and photogrammetry. For the purpose of Aerial Photography, cameras may use Single lens or multiple lenses. Several factors play a crucial in getting a good quality image. But what makes one photograph look different from another is features like scale, focal length, roll, type of film, overlap, index mapping etc. There are various companies that specialise in Aerial photography services in Singapore.

Ideally, Aerial Photography require the use of aircrafts, helicopters or drones (for videos). Some of these are quite expensive. For this reason, an aspiring aerial photographer can be use cost effective choices like high-wing planes. He or she can substitute it for a high end aircraft or an helicopter ride. Some of the must-haves items for an aerial photographer to take aerial shots are his camera, camera bag, batteries, memory cards, a stabilizer, a controller, lenses and harnesses or straps. It is advisable that a photographer plans his map and GPS coordinates in advance so that he is well prepared at the time of the shoot. Also, before he plans to take off, review the security guidelines and rules to be obeyed. Last but not the least, an aerial photographer should always take care of his safety first and should always be alert.

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