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There is always a thinking that engulfs in the minds of the general public that Melbourne wedding photographer needs to be treated very nicely and formally, and mandatory briefing need to be given beforehand else they would make a mess out of the special occasion.

But that's not true. Well up to a certain extent the worries in your head is true as the photographer that you would be hiring for the special occasion is a complete stranger and has no idea about the wedding plans and events. They would by all mean require a summary of all the events that are going to take place so they also have an idea to react accordingly. Here it's the responsibility of the bride and the groom to bridge the gap.

Times have really changed now, the interaction between the photographer and the clients is a must for the smooth functioning of the photography as you will be cherishing each moment they have captured throughout your life.

Here are few tips for that Smooth Relationship:

  1. Friendly Meeting: this meeting can take place between the Melbourne wedding photographer, the bride, and the groom. You can have this discussion over the cup of coffee. The idea of the meeting is for better understanding and merging of ideas to make something more fruitful out of it. The photographer can get the exact perceptive of the clothing, location, number of guest, all the events etc. This will allow the person to plan beforehand and give you the best results.
  2. Communication: the major aspect is that there should be no communication gap between the expected results from the photographer. You should be able to tell what you are expecting from them completely. By discussing the requirement ahead of time it is possible to find out what is expected from the person taking photographs. It is very important to tell the person about what type of photography is expected from him.
  3. Talk About Pre-wedding Shoot Beforehand: Pre-wedding photo shoot should be done a long time before the wedding. It's important to discuss the details with the person who is responsible for the shoot to know what will be the location, what will be your outfits, how you prefer close or long shots etc. If discussed in advanced the person will know based on light and background scenery what creativity he can introduce in the shoot.
  4. Explore The Location: to be better prepared for the special occasion it certainly helps for the photographer to scout the location of the ceremonies like reception, wedding, cocktail etc. Also, it will be a greater advantage if the locations are visited at a similar time when the event is going to take place as this will give the idea of lighting. Several test shot can also be taken to understand the picture quality and also to understand it there are any potential problems.
  5. Create a Short List: a well-planned short list can make the wedding occasion go smoothly and well planned. The list can be a great reference for the ceremony or reception to avoid forgetting any key shots during a very hectic schedule. This list can be referred to the couple to ensure it fully matches their specific needs.
  6. Carry Extra Equipment: it is always a good initiative to carry an extra camera, cards, and batteries so as to avoid issues with equipment failure while packaging. It is useful to take at least two cameras and multiple memory cards for the events shots. It could be a complete and unrepeatable disaster if any piece of equipment fails in the middle of the event, as there would be no time to run out and replace it.
  7. Assistance: an assistance to help with the wedding photography can be very helpful for a variety of reasons. They can assist the person who is shooting and there are fewer chances of missing the important shots. Also, it becomes easy to gather the family members when it comes to posing in the group shots. Assistance can be of great help when you need to carry and organize the photo shooting outdoors like for pre-wedding.

Discuss and be frank with the person who will be doing the Melbourne wedding photography by TREE PHOTO AND VIDEO STUDIO to get the best memories ever.

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