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Now that you are engaged to your long-established love you must be very busy planning for your special day, from flowers and invites to vendors such as music and photo. With loads of things or planning going through your mind, it is easy to ignore this unique phase of your lives. It is a time filled with joy, anticipation and love; detaining this moment in the lens of a camera can be just as exhilarating as your wedding day.

If you're not interested on having your picture taken, here are a few reasons you should not let go the opportunity of pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Get yourself some cute photos:

Sounds very obvious, right? But as your big day come closer and closer you will start finding yourself getting busier & busier. Therefore, the engagement is the ideal time for a shoot; while the joy of the proposal & visions of the future are still fresh in your brain, that sentiment will be apparently evident in your pictures.

An opportunity to relax and get inventive:

You've a chance to shoot some seriously unique pictures, different from any you have had earlier, so maximize this opportunity. Your first responsibility would be to choose a location that means something special to both of you – it could be the place where you met each other on the first date or any place that puts both of you at comfort.

You can make your own themes or bring props with you to add a little creativity to your pre-wedding photo session. Whatever it's, think colorful, relax and let your professional Columbus engagement photographer do the rest.

Rehearsal for the special day:

Possibilities are you have not had your pictures taken by a pro earlier. On your big day you will be enclosed by lots of cameras, thus it is essential to familiar yourself to the camera.

Whether you're a photogenic vixen or a camera shy person, the engagement shoot is an excellent chance to infuse self-belief and develop comfort in front of the cameras. It may be intimidating to have a camera chase you, it happens to everyone, and it is ideal to get rid of the stress way beforehand. Your interaction with other people will become more natural and you will learn to avoid the natural reflex to stiff up & smile directly into the camera.

Getting to know your photographer before the big day:

Apart from letting your photographer get to know you, it is also equally essential that you get to know them as well. During your engagement shoot, you will have the chance to get familiar with their shooting style and learn how they guide you. It'll be pretty identical to how they guide you on the big day so you will know precisely what to anticipate. Discuss with them regarding your wedding strategies and ask them for some tips so that you can plan your schedule without any hindrances. Your Columbus engagement photographer has seen it all and possibly has a great deal of advice on how to prepare for the day and minimize delays.

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