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When you start a new photo booth business, there are so many elements to take into consideration. You need a good quality frame, a skin to cover the frame and a host of equipment to ensure the booth runs smoothly and exceeds your customers' expectations.

Remember as with any business, you want to provide your customers with the highest quality service, ensuring that they refer you new customers and use your services again and again in the future. You should have the confidence that your equipment will enable you to cater to all types of events from weddings to corporate functions and anniversary celebrations to birthdays and maybe even trade shows.

The most important piece of photo booth equipment that you cannot be without is the frame. You should choose a supplier that can provide you with a high quality, yet lightweight frame. Aluminium is a solid choice which will provide you with years of use, can be broken down to fit into any vehicle and is light enough to transport from one event to the next. Further it should be quick to set up, taking no more than thirty minutes, ensuring that you don't spend your entire day setting up for one single event.

The next thing to focus on is the skin. Now you may want to provide your customers with their own skins based on their theme or function, but you need to ensure you have at least one skin that will promote your business moving forward. Ensure your company name is clearly displayed to draw attention and help increase brand visibility moving forward. This means finding a supplier who can provide you with good quality skins and help you with the sign writing you need to meet your customer's unique requirements.

The software you choose is as important as the frame and the skin. Your software will become one of the most important photo booth equipment items you will ever own. The software should provide you with a host of functions and features, helping you create and save your own layouts, provide backgrounds for the green screen and so much more. It should work from a laptop, so you can move it and change it from one event to the next with ease.

You will want to ensure your photo booth equipment includes a good quality DSLR camera. This will provide you and your guests with the highest quality pictures that they can keep and enjoy for years to come. You will also want to ensure you invest in a HD webcam, ensuring your guests can leave personalised messages of their time, whether it's a congratulatory message at a wedding for a personalised message at a corporate event.

Of course you're going to need a printer. Ensure you choose the right printer that can print high quality glossy photographs. Speak to your photo booth equipment supplier to identify what printers they recommend. Some suppliers will provide a host of packages which will include all the photo booth software you need, so you don't have to waste time trying to find the equipment you will need to start your business and start working at achieving success.

Ensure you get a green screen as one of the important pieces of photo booth equipment that you need. A green screen can help you provide your customers with the design that they want. The screen will enable you to put any background your customer wants in the photographs.

The final piece of imperative photo booth equipment you will need is a touch screen. This enables guests to choose their prints, leave a video message and even share their pictures on Facebook or via email while in the booth.

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