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Winter in the Lofoten Islands, Norway offers a simply magical escape. The chain of majestic islands known as the Lofoten Islands are scattered with miniature Elger's and Matterhorn's, which stretch from the sky right down the ocean beneath.

Famously known internationally for being referred to as 'crinkly bits' in the film Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, the entire west coast of Norway is imprinted by the remains of past ice ages. The unparalleled natural beauty of these Islands is complemented with pretty wooden fishing villages, such as Reine, sitting perched right on the rocky shoreline.

This truly wild, rugged landscape has inspired many artists and keen photographers for hundreds of years. The Lofoten Islands photography tour explores this unique and famously extraordinary place including Itsmagnificent Mountains, spectacular fjords, white sandy beaches and truly unique and remote fishing villages.

Based in Leknes on the Island of Vestvagey, the tour will be ideally placed to capture the very best of these majestic island landscapes. Daylight hours are short yet extraordinarily beautiful and with clear skies there will be fantastic photo opportunities for shooting the famous Aurora Borealis. The base in Leknes could not be better situated for discovering the most outstanding landscapes of this spectacular string of islands. You will not find a more picturesque coastline anywhere in the world.


Just a few minutes from base situates the beautiful beaches of Haukland, Utaklely, Skagsanden and several unlabeled stretches of shoreline to discover. A little further from base sits the charismatic villages of Reine and Hamnoy, two of the most idyllic seaside spots imaginable, providing perfect photogenic opportunities in which to capture the true essence of the place. Many of which will be ideal for shooting the auroras each day, particularly during twilight hours.

Tour tutor David Ward is one of the UKs most talented landscape photographers' known not only for his stunning images but also for his philosophical way of thinking and interpreting it into writing. Many will know David from his writings in the photographic press including the likes of Outdoor Photography, Photography Monthly and Amateur Photographer, where he shares his truly remarkable knowledge and thinking.

David never fails to bring a vast depth of knowledge and inspiration to each and every tour. Having spent the last twenty years working closely with a large format camera, lugging 20 kilos of equipment up fells at unsociable hours in search of that singular moment in which to best capture his chosen subject. Travelling throughout the UK and further afield to Canada, the Colorado Plateau, Iceland, Norway and France to name a few, David has been commissioned for many walking and travel guides contributing to 19 books in the 1980s and 90s. David's most recent projects focus on more intimate details, although he has specialised in large format photography for over 20 years.

David's teaching style concentrates on photographer's vision rather than on what format is being used and delivers his knowledge in a uniquely humorous and accessible way. David is renowned for producing images as unique and distinctive as him for their graphic simplicity and superbly technical quality. David's first book “Landscape Within” was published in 2004, takes a philosophical look at photography, questioning why we do things rather than how. The second book, published in 2008 “Landscape Beyond”, addresses what he considers to be the essential ingredients of a great image.

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