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Light & Land will host a five-night photography tour in New York City October 9th-15th, 2015.

May 10th, 2015 – One of the most experienced photography tour companies, Light & Land has unveiled a photographic tour of New York City, planned for October 9th-15th 2015. Travelers will have opportunities to get shots of the iconic skyline. They'll have vantage points from the streets and from the top of the Empire State Building. From Times Square to Central Park, the tour will offer the opportunity for experimentation as well.

This tour will be mentored by Paul Sanders. Starting his career as a news photographer in 1991, Sanders joined Reuters in 1998, The Times of London in 2004, and moved to pursue his fine art landscape work in 2012. Knowledge of Fuji cameras and his passion for speaking and working with all types of photography make him the ideal leader for the New York City tour.

Paul will encourage participants to find their own vision of the city. The trip will lead from picture-taking bliss to a visit to B&H, the world's largest camera store. Most of the tour will be guided by foot, as New York City is a walking town,

The total cost of the tour includes accommodation and is 1,695 or $1,294USD. Excluding the accommodation, the trip is 895. The company requires confirmation of preference by email upon booking. Tuition from Paul Sanders, accommodation at the Marlton Hotel, tickets to Top of the Rock, critiques, and a possible talk by Jay Maisel are included in the full price. Meals, flights, insurance, and travel are not included.

Autumn is the perfect time to visit this visual paradise with Central Park giving a golden backdrop to the leisure time of New Yorkers. From landscape to Street, Architecture to Long exposure there is something for every photographer to experiment with.

To learn more about the Light & Land New York City photography tour, led by Paul Sanders, and to book via the site's shopping basket.

We have given this tour a 2 footprint as New York is very much a 'walking' city. Paul will be guiding you around the city on foot, however if you would like to take taxis then there is that option.

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