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Additional Photography Information:

Most of us prefer to hire a professional photographer for important ceremonies, events or occasions. A professional photographer ensures better quality and capture the most beautiful moments of our lives, thus helping us to create unforgettable memories. There are various reasons one should hire a professional photographer some of which are-


  • The quality of the equipment used by the professional photographer is way better than the ones we use and they know how to use it well. This results in better production of images.
  • Photographers give proper attention to detailing to create striking pictures.
  • A professional photographer is trained and experienced and can help us get the pictures as desired.
  • Professional photographers sometimes re-touch an image for a proper finish.
  • Photographers know better about the lighting and set-up required to get a proper image.
  • While there are many reasons to hire a professional photographer, the most difficult part is to choose the right one. Hiring a photographer involves a lot of risk and money. People are concerned if they will get the desired results. There are certain parameters one should follow before hiring to get the best results-

    • We should approach friends first who have already hired a professional photographer and got good results.
    • We can take help of organisations like PPA and WPPI to find a good photographer after narrowing down our search criteria's.
    • We should harp on the ethics and quality the photographer follows.
    • We should check his background and credentials and check if he is insured.
    • We should get an idea of what is inclusive of the budget quoted. We must ask about the different rates for printing, digitalization, re-touching etc.
    • We must ask for reference from previous photo shoots and enquire about the delivery time.
    • We should hire someone who is passionate about creating precious memories and has made it his occupation, and not someone who does it casually.
    • We should always make a contract to protect the rights of both.
    • We must definitely talk to the professional photographer and develop a good relation and ask about all the queries such as-
    • What degree they hold?
    • If they are associated to any organization.
    • How long they are in the profession.
    • What are their photographic styles?
    • If they have an assistant or a second photographer.
    • If they have a backup equipment.
    • Are they willing to sign the contract?

    Based on the above parameters one must hire a professional photographer for the best outcome. There are many talented professional photographers in Dubai, America, England, India and other parts of the world who go an extra mile to create magic with their cameras.

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