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Looking for a wedding videographer, Los Angeles? Ideally, your first step would be to fire up Google and enter the word “wedding videographer, Los Angeles”. As always, Google never disappoints its users. You will certainly see a long list of wedding videographers glittering proudly on the screen. Of the ten you would probably open, at least five will claim to be cinematographers or both videographers and cinematographers.

Which one should you choose to ensure capturing your marriage in its truest glory? Is there a difference between the two?

Cinematographer Defined

The word “Cinematographer” is commonly associated with films. For, Cinematography is the art and science of motion picture photography and not just shooting a video with a camera. Cinematographers, unlike videographers are not restricted to capturing the moment in its best glory. They realize the person's vision and say the story with creativity. They have an artistic vision and make technical decisions about the kind of lens, lighting and exposure to be used to say the story in the most artistic and creative manner.

Videographer Defined

The term videographer flashes an image of a professional equipped with a large camera and lights present everywhere during the ceremony. His camera rolls perennially; during the vows, at the reception; not to forget even while the guests eat. His primary objective is to capture every moment which the bride and groom can re-live even at their twenty-fifth anniversary.

With the advent of “smart phones”, we usually witness everyone capturing videos. Are all these videographers? Certainly not! Although videographers capture the video as it is, there's an art of doing it right. Does a home video look similar to a wedding video shot professionally? NO. There's a stark difference; thanks to the equipment, expertise, experience and skills of the videographer.

Professionals at Weddings

A wedding is a big day and a large celebration. The bride, groom and guests all want to carry the memories of this important day for many years to come. So, people want nothing but the best to capture their best moments; therefore the demand for professional videographers.

However, sometimes the long replay of the wedding day; watching people eat, wish, and be merry is boring. This has given birth to marriage cinematographers. Yes, they too are present at the wedding with their DSLR cameras and advanced equipment; more or less like videographers, but they may not be shooting the day as it is. They include still photography, videos of important moments like the vows, kiss and others. While developing the video, they include still pictures, videos, other shots before and after the wedding, interviews of guests and many others and present it like a story with special audio inclusions. It is more or less like a movie; therefore cinematic style by a wedding cinematographer. Their creativity and artistic vision make the wedding video different from the mundane. Explains why many people now prefer wedding cinematographers for wedding videos.

Well, as most people are still not aware of the difference between a cinematographer and a videographer, these professionals label themselves as “Wedding videographers.”

You have the choice of choosing the style of your wedding video; traditional or cinematic!

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