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As humans, we love looking at photographs. They are the timestamps of our lives, including special events like that of your wedding day. Another form of art that people enjoy is the art of movies, the cinema. We can laugh, cry, rejoice, get angry, and feel overwhelmed with happiness from the art of the cinema.

Wedding Cinema Videographers can do just that. They can capture the moments in your wedding, not only in film, but in spirit. They will be able to make your wedding day like that of the movies. When you watch the video of your wedding day, with family and friends, you'll be sure to go through all the same emotions that you felt that day.

Imagine how you feel when you watch a documentary on television, candid interviews with real people, with raw emotions.

The music is lightly played in the background, as the people fade in the background, the music changes ever so slightly to begin the magical moments of the day. Picture the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready in their bridal suite, slow motion effects capture the slow strokes of the brush as the bride touches up her makeup.

The girls in the background can be seen admiring the bride for the beauty that she is, for the moment that this is. Close ups are captured of the flowers sitting on the vanity, of the beautiful arrangement she pondered over for months, carefully selecting the perfect flowers to commemorate the day.

The view switches to the magnificent ring on the left hand of the bride as she gently places her veil behind her shoulders, ever careful not to displace the family heirloom.

The picture fades and becomes blurred, where all you see in the background is the mother of the bride, with hands clasped over her mouth as if witnessing the most precious sight her eyes had ever seen. This, the truth as she is a wing her daughter, her first born, about to experience one of the most special moments in her life, her wedding day.

What a wonderful experience one can have when they choose to hire a cinematographer for their wedding day. Prices and packages vary by company, but we have found bargain deals from $150.00 to packages starting at $1,000.00 for the highest quality film and production.

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