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Buying original art by impulse is perfectly valid, but taking the time to make a more conscious and responsible investment will make your long-term purchase more satisfying.

4 questions to ask yourself before you buy original paintings online:

1. What do I like?

Your personal taste is what matters most when it comes to buying a work of art. Many artists are concerned that their pieces will be kept in good condition for at least centuries. Unless you are interested in the secondary market, buy works that you will not tire easily.

How to buy original online paintings? To buy art to your taste it is important that you do not let yourself be influenced by the fashions and tendencies of the moment, that you develop your own criteria. And how do you develop your personal taste? Seeing art, the more the better. Go to exhibitions, visit galleries online, browse catalogs and other art publications, etc.

At the end, you will discover that there are artistic disciplines that attract you more than others, your preference for one style or another, themes, colors, materials, sizes.

2. Where am I going to put it?

If you want to decorate a wall, a room, an office that lacks good atmosphere and want to give personality with original artwork, it is imperative that you consider certain practical aspects before going out to buy: the maximum and minimum measures approximate, the range of colors, maintain a style that fits in the decoration of the room, etc.

3. Do I want to start a collection?

This question does not have to do with buying your first work. But when you see the potential of continuing to buy original art with assiduity, for pure pleasure or because it is a type of investment that offers you greater security, then yes you should be planted.

Why? Because you are not buying the same when you are a casual art buyer than when you are a collector. The collector already knows his personal taste, his preferences, and when acquiring new works of art is forming a set that he will want to endow with his own identity.

When you start to buy art, you can do it in a rather erratic way. But when one collects, before buying, has the rest of the collection in mind. What element gives unity to your collection? What do your pieces have in common? It can be the medium, the period to which they belong, the theme, the style, etc. If the pieces have nothing in common with each other, then they are not a collection but an accumulation.

4. What is my budget?

Fundamental- How much do you want to spend? The art market is huge and there are prices for all budgets. From time to time, there are even artists who distribute free art on the street. And of course, there are also works with prohibitive prices available to very few.

The value of a work of art is variable and relative, dependent on fixed factors that can be measured with some or all objectivity and other highly subjective, manipulative and susceptible factors speculation.

As a rule, the work of an artist that is started is the most affordable and as it is gaining credentials and recognition within the international market prices soar.

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