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Hi I'm Philippe. I've been photographing babies, families and individuals for over 14 years and I'd like to share with you some points to consider that are often overlooked when you are looking for a photographer to take professional photos. Finding the right photographer can be confusing.

Naturally you'll be drawn to photographers whose style appeals to you. Other considerations are location, availability and price range but these factors alone won't guarantee you a successful photo shoot. I hope that some of the points I have outlined will simplify the process and help you make the right decision. If you would like to find out more about how we work feel free to call me at the studio. 02 95592806

1: Who exactly will be taking my photos? How experienced are they? “Our photos were disappointing because we had a junior photographer inexperienced with babies and children” is a story I have heard recounted often. Make sure you know who will be taking your photos and ask to see a sample of their work. Are their photos featured on the studios website? Are you able to speak with them personally and find out if they understand the developmental stages of infancy? Do you feel that they are someone you could connect with after having had a conversation?

Ask them to give you an example of at least one technique they would use to reassure a shy child or a self-conscious adult in order to achieve a candid photograph. This is a question that should be confidently answered.

Larger studios often employ different photographers; it can be difficult to know who you'll get on the day. Their marketing may be slick but you could be lumbered with a junior on the day of your session. The benefit of dealing with a smaller specialised boutique studio is you can usually get to meet the photographer beforehand. At Image Technique our clients are in safe hands, we don't employ junior photographers.

2: How long does the session last? This is a very important consideration with newborn photography. New born sessions should give you a two hour window if needed, to allow for feeding, nappy changing and naps. On the other hand older babies and young children may need some warm up or settling in time, but after that there is sometimes only a 30 – 45 minute window to engage them before they get bored so an experienced kids photographer will pace the session accordingly.

Our promise to every client is that the session will only finish once we have captured the most beautiful images.

3: Will my photos to turn out similar to the ones displayed in the studios portfolio? Naturally a portfolio is a sample of a photographer's best work chosen to represent their style and ability. Most photographers will stage special portfolio shoots where more time is taken to create images that look spectacular, it's during those shoots that new techniques are often discovered and hopefully used in regular clients shoots. That's all good but there is no point in choosing a studio that shows beautifully lit compositions if they can't reproduce a similar look for your session. At Image Technique our answer to this question is “YES”; our portfolio only contains images from actual clients' sessions who have given us permission to display the images.

4: How will you choose your photos? The viewing is just as important as the session. Choosing your favourites is one thing but there are plenty of other choices you will make that will determine whether or not you have an inspired collection that has captured the essence of your family's relationship or simply a record of what was taken on the day.

A “convenient view at home option” may seem like a good idea but realistically it takes much longer than viewing your images at the studio with your photographer's expert guidance. Most photographers who only shoot outdoors or in your home and only offer a view online option do so because they may not have invested in the equipment and facilities to show you your collection. Your computer monitor is not likely to represent the true tonal quality and colour of how the photos actually look which can have a huge impact on your selection.

Some photos look better in Black & White. Then there are warm tone monochrome images and cold tone monochrome images. Other images look fantastic when displayed as a sequence or when printed on canvas. Other images have more impact when cropped in a particular way. An experienced photographer will guide you through this process and show you different options clearly and simply to help you choose photos that you will love.

You should never feel hurried or pressured when choosing your images so make sure you ask for a detailed explanation of how the process works to see if it suits you. At Image Technique our clients choose as little or as many photos as they feel comfortable with. Our system makes selecting your favourites enjoyable and fast. We highlight compositional and artistic elements to help you put together a truly remarkable collection using professional software and state of the art monitors. Displayed in our studio are samples of our entire range to help inspire you to design your collection.

If you would like to know more about Image Technique call today for an obligation free chat about how we create beautiful photographs of you and your family.

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