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Selfie sticks originated in Asia but now they are widespread across the globe. These poles offer a lot of advantages.

Advantages Offered By Selfie Sticks

Perhaps the major advantage of selfie sticks is that they make it easy to take a group photo. They can extend much longer than your arm so you will be able to add more people to your group selfie.

Since a selfie stick is extremely light and compact, you can take it along with you as it easily fits inside your backpack or handbag. Therefore, you will not experience any problems bringing it while traveling.

The pole can extend from 11″ to 40″ and it is easy to adjust to the desired length, in between. This makes it easier to take a selfie from any distance and angle you want since it can also be bent as much as 180 degrees. You can place your cell phone in the best possible position to capture the perfect shot.

The selfie stick is accompanied by a Bluetooth remote, which is compatible with the majority of smartphones. So, when you purchase one, you can be sure that it will work with your mobile gadget. When you use the stick, it will be easy to remotely control the camera's shutter. This way, you can take pictures whenever you are ready.

Keep in mind that when it comes to some phones, you need to download the app called “camera 360” so that you can use the selfie stick. Fortunately, you can go to the Google play store to get it at no cost. You just need to download the app to your phone.

Aside from the compatibility of the Bluetooth remote with nearly all smartphones, this universal selfie stick is also compatible with just about any gadget that measures up to 3 inches in width. Most of the cell phones are within this range. So, you can be sure that your phone is compatible with the holder.

The handle of the stick has a rubber grip to ensure that you have a strong hold on the stick. This will prevent your phone from dropping.

Once you purchase a selfie stick, you get the product as well as detailed instructions to guide you on taking the best selfies or group selfies.


The selfie stick has many advantages. However, you should keep in mind that while some sticks are authentic, others that are not. To make sure that you are purchasing the real deal, buy from a reputable shop.

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