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No doubt, your marrage is the most important day of your life. With all the wealth you spend on your wedding gown, lovely flowers, romantic venue and other things that go together to make a perfect day, you wish your memories recorded to cherish you for the rest of your life.

Diverse photographers shoot in diverse styles and it's essential to identify the sales pitch & the fancy jargon to find a wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar that can match your exact photography need.

Here in this article, I've outlined the three main styles of wedding photography in Bhubaneswar available today, though in several cases it's feasible for a photographer to take picture in more than one style.

Traditional Wedding Photography:

Also known as classical wedding photography, traditional wedding photography captures the classical marrage-day images encompassing the memorable moments of your special day encompassing the exchange of rings, signing the wedding register, walking down the aisle as husband & wife, family pictures, and cutting the wedding cake among others.

Marrages are no doubt formal occasions and with cautious lighting & expert posing classical wedding photographer can produce an excellent record of your family gathering. A capable photographer should work quickly and put people at ease to make sure the posing does not appear uncomfortable.

Reportage Wedding Photography:

Also known as Photojournalistic wedding photography, in reportage wedding photography the photographer blends into the backdrop and shoots events as they take place and and you don't even realize pictures are being captured.

This photography style is really the toughest to master. It requires several years of experience and expertise to shoot a wedding in this style.

The development of reportage wedding photography looks to have concur with the expansion of digital photography because of the low expenditure per image that reportage style of photograph flourishes on. Regrettably, many inexperienced photographers employ the “shot gun” attitude shooting thousands of images throughout the day in the hope that they capture a few great shots.

Contemporary wedding photography:

Contemporary wedding photography may involve unusual ideas and employ strange camera angles. This photography style brings more of the photographers character into the image with the artistic vision of the photographer. Though this style of wedding photography may be less renowned, when done properly the outcome can be magnificent and your marriage will be unique.

A lot of wedding photographers employ contemporary style pictures in professional photography awards and you'll often notice this style featured in glossy marrage magazines.

The drawback of this wedding photography style is that it does not really offer a true record of your special day. You maybe disheartened if your marrage album looks like an art exhibition.


Once you've set the date & booked your marrage venue start visiting a few photographers online and have a good look at their work. Be certain to inquire to see accomplished marrage albums as presented to their previous customers as this'll offer you a superior idea of their overall style. Now, you can better decide if their style suits your needs or not.

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