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When it comes to the debate of optical vs. digital zoom camcorders, there is no singular conclusion, this is what makes the topic a valid one at all because while discussing, each individual can find out what sails their boat.

What Is Optical Zoom?

It is the old school zoom that needs adjustment of the lens that moves inward and outward while zooming out or in. If you are going for the conventional one, you need to go for a camcorder with high optical zooming fuction.

What Is Digital Zoom?

It is what enlarges each pixel of a digital picture to make the picture bigger and appear closer on a whole. The problem with digital zooming is that after a certain level of zooming, the picture tends to pixelate and look blurry. Usually a zoom of up to x200 or at the most x300 can retain the original quality.

Shortcomings Of Digital Zoom Camcorders

The blurred pixels of a highly zoomed image can still be avoided with limited zooming or with an extremely high resolution camera. However, there are some problems that cannot be ignored:

  • The camcorder looks way bulkier than it is.
  • The weight increases beyond comfort levels.
  • A tripod becomes indispensable.
  • The result of a digital zoom is the same as cropping and enlarging while editing a photo.
  • Digital zooming deteriorates the picture quality.

Tips For Right Purchase

When you get confused about the numbers identifying the zooming capacity of a certain camera, you should go for the camera with a higher optical zoom than one with a high digital zoom. This is because manufacturers multiply the figure of the optical zoom by the numbers of the digital zoom to display a huge number to attract you. The truth is, the real optical zoom determines the quality of the picture or video.

  • An optical camcorder gives high quality, sharp pictures of distant objects with the appearance of the desired distance you choose.
  • A digital camcorder will produce blurred pictures as you zoom in. Whereas, an optical zoom camcorder will produce pictures depending upon the resolution of the camera.
  • However, a digital zoom camera is most useful while taking closeups. Hence, if your purpose is family videos or stills and closely snapped or recorded objects, you should go for the digital zoom camcorder instead of an optical zoom one, which is ideal for distant objects.

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