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Herewith we discuss about documentary photography. Normally, the documentary photographers shoot people, objects or natural, truthful and objective themes. Documentary photography is very closely associated with photojournalism. The aim of documentary photography is to document a subject without manipulating the picture in the darkroom or digitally. Few points are discussed below.

  1. First finalize the subject.
  2. The subject that expresses the emotional theme for example- happy, comedy, gloom, love, hardship, and environment.
  3. The subject should be clearly pinpointed by the viewer who will watch your final picture.
  4. Think around your subject and select the correct location to shoot it. The goal is to come up with a correct angle of view.
  5. Avoid being tied up with the regular eye range view, but at the same time look at low level and high angle views.
  6. Find the existing lighting which will illuminate the subject and set the correct exposure to the camera. Mostly all the cameras have auto exposure option to do this. Experienced photographers can also manually set the lens aperture and shutter speed based on your personal preference. To shoot in natural lighting, the flash is normally turned off in taking documentary photos.
  7. To take clear shots keep the camera steady. To ensure sharpness of the shot place the camera on a tripod if needed. This is more necessary when the flash is turned off and the camera needs a slow shutter speed to let in more light to expose the image.
  8. The image will be totally blurry, without a tripod in low lighting time.
  9. When using the digital camera, with shots preview, you have an immediate preview of your shot on the LCD viewer. So we can easily find the results and arrange adjustments, such as recomposing and settings in the camera if re-shooting is a must. As in film camera, we can bracket the shots or follow the exposure compensation button in the camera to permit more or less light on successful shots.

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