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For anyone starting up a photo booth rental business, finding great equipment that does the job well is a high priority. There are now many featuresavailable in each photo booth for sale, meaning that buyers can customise their equipment to their tastes and requirements, in turn providing their customers with an adapted and unique experience.

Whilst functions such as green screens and video messaging are very popular, there are several other new features now available that can transform an ordinary photo booth into an extraordinary experience for its users; here are 3 new functions that are sure to impress the occupants of your booths.

The first function that is new on the market and especially popular for weddings and special occasions is Magic Photo, a unique technology that combines a blend of different features to deliver one spectacular end product. This will allow users to take photos and record a personalisedvideo message to the hosts at the event.

At this stage there may also be some customisation options such as adding text to the photo that is printed, but check with your manufacturer of the photo booth for sale first to see if they can add this function for you if you would like it. After the event is over, all the photos are printedout and put in a specialalbumfor the hosts.

The hosts will then be able to enjoy their photo album by simply flicking through the images, but can also scan the photo which will provide a link to the corresponding video message, allowing them to receive their best wishes in full. This is an ideal choice for weddings, anniversaries and major milestone birthday parties.

A second feature that is proving increasingly popular in new models of photo booth for sale is facial recognitiontechnology, which eliminates the need for boxes ofprops. Although many customers of photo booths enjoy props, this gives them a modern and more creative alternative, allowing them to don a variety of garments and other items in digital form.

The technology works by recognising the faces of the people in the booth then giving them a wide variety of props to try on. The software ensures that everything is well placed and in proportion to face shape and size, leading to users of the booth being able to create some truly unusual and unique pictures.

The final new piece of technologythatyou should consider adding to the photo booth for sale you are thinking ofpurchasing is the innovative InstaNet, which allows users of the equipment even more interactivity than ever before – and in a truly unique way.

This function allows users of the booth to capture any photo taken on a mobile device at the event being hosted and upload it to Instagram using a predetermined hashtag. The booth then scans for this specific hashtag and adds all of these photos to the photo gallery of the event, which is then transferred to a memory stick and given to the hosts of the occasion.

As many people will understandably want to capture their own memories of their event on their own devices, this feature allows them to share their ownunique snaps with the hosts and the rest of the party goers in an innovative and exciting way. This can be an excellent choice of feature for those going to events such as conventions and festivals.

If you are looking for a high quality photo booth for sale that offers innovationand creativity to its users, then these 3 functionslisted above may well be worth asking for from yourmanufacturer. Along with this, the company that supplies the booth will also be able to advise you on further features that will meet your specific needs and requirements.

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