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Photo booth hire can be used for a variety of events from corporate events to weddings and anniversary celebrations to bar mitzvah's and so much more. There are some factors you should take into consideration if you are looking at using a photo booth hire company at your next event, ensuring you provide that different element that will make a lasting impression and help guests remember your event for years to come.

When choosing a photo booth hire company, you want to ensure that they provide you with a host of services to use, ensuring your photo booth makes an impact and lasting impression, helping you ensure your guests have a fun experience.

The first thing you want to ensure is that you are provided with a choice of booths, helping you identify the one that best meets your particular requirements. Booths come in a choice of shapes, including oval and square. This enables you to identify where you want to place the booth and then choose the best shape that will work within the space. Some of the more reputable companies can help you brand your booth based on your event or theme, this ensures the booth blends in seamlessly at the event while still making the impact you want to achieve.

The photo booth hire company should provide you with instant prints, the same as the older booths used to work at the fun fairs. When your guests choose which pictures they want to keep, they should have a choice of layout and then print. The photographs should be instantly printed, enabling them to take them home with them to remember the event for years to come.

You should also be given the option of video messaging, which can be beneficial if you are using the photo booth hire service on your wedding day. The video messaging enables guests to not only take a still photograph, but to leave you a personalised video message that you can keep to remember your special day for years to come.

The photo booth should come with an easy to use touch screen, making it easy for your guests to select their pictures or even possibly email them to themselves or upload them to their social media account. The system should be seamless, easy and fun to use, ensuring your guests always have an enjoyable experience the minute they step into the booth.

The booth should include a HD camera, ensuring only the highest quality pictures that will make a lasting impact. The last thing you want is for your guests to have fun, but find the pictures are pixelated and not something they want to showcase on their desk or in their home to remember the event.

Choose a photo booth hire company that can provide you with a guest email and guest Facebook service. This enables your guests to email or upload their photographs sharing them right there and then while still at your event. For corporate events, this is very beneficial and can increase brand visibility and help promote your company moving forward.

There is always an attendant on duty. The photo booth company should provide you with an experienced attendant who knows how the system works. They can help manage the booth to ensure it runs seamlessly throughout the event and they can also help manage the guests taking their photographs and helping them with printing and video messaging.

Finally, always try and choose a photo booth hire company that provides a green screen. The green screen enables you to choose the backdrop. You can give your guests a choice of backdrops to choose from, which they can select before taking their photograph, just adding that little bit of extra fun to the entire experience.

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