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When it comes to architectural photography, there are different types of subjects- it can cover tall buildings, heritage sites, bungalows, modern buildings, farm barns, bridges, factories, warehouses, and many more. The primary clients of architecture photographers are architects and architectural firms who want to showcase their work. Some property owners who would also like their homes published can hire an architectural photographer.

Interior and Exterior
Architectural Photography Arizona isn't just about showcasing the front of a building and its external features. It involves covering the whole building design entirely. The architecture involves the interior features of a building, same is the case with architectural photography.

Heritage and Modern Architecture
Architecture is also classified based on the era when it was built. The older buildings can be classified as heritage and newer ones can either have standard looks or have a modern design structure.
Also, buildings created during different eras have certain distinct features. These features differ depending on the location of the structure. Most heritage structures in a given space share common characteristics while newer structures can have a more unique styling. Whether heritage or modern, architectural photography will depend on the design elements seen in the building.

Industrial Architecture
Industrial architecture involves designing and construction of buildings serving industry. These buildings can be good subjects for architectural photography. Examples of these structures include factories, warehouses, train stations, and airplane hangars etc.

Architectural Details
Architectural photography can showcase designs of any building as a whole, but it is not limited to show the structure design only. Architectural photography is more about the designing than the building itself. When it comes to design, an architectural photographer may highlight some of the details that give aesthetically pleasing look to the building.

Other Infrastructure
Aside from the building structures that we see commonly, architecturul photography also covers shooting buildings, arches, walkways, and other structures. An architectural photography highlights the patterns and other design aesthetics of these structures.

Although trains and aeroplanes are not considered architecture, some people may hire a professional architectural photographer to photograph these vehicles if it involves surrounding buildings. A plane inside an aircraft hangar or a coal train in a station may be better captured by an architecture photographer than anyone else.

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