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Pregnancy photography Seattle helps to freeze all the moments of a person with a baby belly. Every woman wishes to document her journey during her pregnancy. It helps her to:

  • Document the growth of the belly at every stage
  • Cherish the moment later in the life
  • Make a scrap book for her yet-to-born child
  • Pass every tough stage by posing because it makes her feel special

For pregnancy photography Seattle, it might be challenging for the photographer, as he/she has to keep in mind few things before the photo shoot:

  • Comfortable timing of the would-be mother
  • Posing at ease without strain for the expecting woman
  • Shooting at the right trimester
  • Taking shots at higher angles
  • Talking to the expectant and building up her confidence
  • Use of baby props to enhance natural photography

Maternity Photo session requirements for the mother

When an expecting mom opts for pregnancy photography Seattle, initially there may be many inhibitions. This is mainly due to lack of confidence in showing the body and belly and posing in front of the camera and the photographer. All this can completely vanish in front of the encouraging words of an ace photographer. Few requirements include:


  • Big cardigans to cover up in between shoots
  • Black tube tops or sports top
  • Maternity dresses
  • Manicured nails and required makeup
  • Requirements needed for outdoors hoots

Creativity in maternity photography

A lot of creativity is involved in maternity photography and it not just another ordinary photo session. The photo shoot could be done at the expecting mom's home or it could be outdoors. If the photography is set up at home, then the clutter from living room should be removed and an ambience is set for the photography session. Desired props like baby's first scan, mittens, baby dresses are placed and used for photos whenever it is required. It gives a special touch and enhances the beauty of the photographs.

If the shoot is outdoors, both the couple can participate in the photo shoot in a backdrop of a beautiful landscape. Taking photographs in a farm, by the beach side, near a quite lake or amidst tress and flowers is quite a welcome change for many couples. With required props like soft toys and placards pertaining to maternity, amazing and meaningful shots can be taken with both the parents getting involved in the shoot.

Strengthening the bonds

Generally, a would-be mother is the center of attraction in any maternity photography. Apart from the mother, the equally responsible father can also take part in the photo session. Many creative ideas spur up when siblings are also included in pregnancy photography Seattle photo shoots. With closed ones involved in the session, the journey of capturing the beautiful memories of a growing belly bump is sure to be cherished by parents.

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