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As she walked down the aisle, appareled in celestial white and flanked by pretty bridesmaids on both sides, the entire scene dissolved into oblivion and the only thing that she could perceive, even from a distance, was the smiling face of the groom, beckoning her with love, and commitment of a lifetime.

Sigh. This might very well sound like the beginning of a new chapter in your life or that of your bestie. Nostalgia is indeed beautiful and often leads to wishful thinking. You yearn for a past that now seems like a distant dream. The olden days were no doubt golden, etched in memory that loses vividness with time.

Talk about tying the knot, and you simply can't stop raving about the recent ones that you witnessed-how the decor and lighting was just perfect; how the bride and her groom looked mushy in love; how the vows were taken; how the betrothed danced to Michael Bubble's 'Sway', exhilarated with wine and ecstatic joy; and finally, yes, finally, how it all started and then came to a happy denouement.

Well, well. It all sounds so good when it comes to your loved one's marriage ceremony. But when it's your Day, you start fretting over every minute detail. It should be picture perfect. Has to be so. After all, it's not every other day that you get married! Getting photographed on such a celebrated day is too old school these days, and with a wedding videographer doing the rounds, there can be nothing more enticing than getting captured through videography, impromptu and candid, for life.

If you have already not taken your vows and are, by the blessing of Cupid, planning to do so this spring, you can contact a professional videographer for capturing your 'aha' moment. Yes that is what your reaction will be when you walk down memory lane after watching it, years later. And you will know it for sure. Were you scared? Yes, a little maybe. But it was more about the anticipation of a conjugal life and how things would take a different turn all together. And as realization dawns upon you, you experience a moment of self-awakening.

There are many such wedding videographers in Los Angeles who will try capturing the intricate details of your most important day, including even the minute details of your facial expression, and that of the love of your life. Destination and theme weddings are a big hit in recent times, and these experts with their 'sketchbooks' cover all of it. The long speech that you gave on your reception (sounds like a speech to you now), pouring your heart out, can be heard and seen anytime you want. And then what about the toast that you raised in honor of all your friends and relatives who have been there by your side (including your spouse of course!)? You will miss those moments for sure as you watch the video with your partner, hand in hand.

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