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'Mother nature has beautiful surprises for the ones who have an eye to see it.' The borderland between England and Wales is a perfect example of this. This area is home to many valleys and picturesque landscapes which truly reflect its history. This photography tour in this borderland is full of breath-taking beautiful sceneries which pleases the eyes and calms the heart.

The photography tour is planned perfectly in a manner that any adversity will be converted into an opportunity to explore and capture much more memorable pictures. The locations to be visited on this tour shall go ahead as planned even if the weather isbelow par, you can count on this trip being interesting and exciting whatever the weather.

This place is a haven for wildlife photographers as it has a lot to offer photography. The light woodland area seems to hide many unrevealed secrets. This tour shall give you experience to deal with wild photography and how to capture the scenes best. The deep and wide area may give you a chance to capture the beautiful multi-coloured butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, exquisite birds, deer grazing, and many wild flowers.


The thick woodlands can unleash the imagination due to their vastness. The green trees rolling out to the horizon with sunlight breaking the canopy of rich woods provide an incomparable experience. You will be taught tricks & tips to get the best images possible ofbirds, and wildlife.

This borderland between Wales and England is worth a visit, the spectacular beauty shall satisfy your eager desire of capturing something unique and unknown.

The tutor throughout this tour will be Ben Osborne who lives on the Welsh Borders and knows this region well and will guide you to some of the best locations. With an extensive knowledge of both landscape and wildlife photography he will not only help you to master the technical and artistic challenges of crafting images that you find within this intimate landscape but he is also a perfect guide for the falconry centre visit.

You will be staying at the Dragon Hotel in the attractive market town of Montgomery. This is an ideal base for visiting the Shropshire hills in the east and wilderness of mid Wales produce some amazing images & slights.

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