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However, the truth is that it doesn't last forever. So why not capture those moments, to relive them later, and for this evolved a whole new concept in photography – Newborn photography.

This concept is catching up fast in the Western world. Especially, here is Tacoma there are many photographers who specialize in this area of photography. A Tacoma newborn photographer, who is very well versed in the requirements and demands of the baby photo-shoots, has prepared a checklist for himself and shared it with the fellow photographers too.

As per the Tacoma newborn photographer, there are 3 kinds of photo-shoots that can happen.

  • Shoots at the studio: These typically happen during the initial 2-3 weeks when the baby sleeps through the day and the baby can be brought to the studio. The baby sleeps through the session and the pictures can highlight the various sleeping poses with props around the baby.
  • Shoots at the home: These typically capture the lifestyle of the baby in its initial weeks. This has both sleeping poses, feeding poses and also poses when the baby is awake. The experienced Tacoma newborn photographer prefers a mix of shoots at the studio and at home as he feels the lifestyle poses brings in more sweet memories.
  • Shoots outdoor: These happen in an outdoor area like a park or a garden. Though the pictures look scenic and great, this is the least preferred shoot, as the newborn might catch an allergy or cold.

Shooting a baby isn't an easy job says the Tacoma newborn photographer. In this regard the parents and baby photographers should work with the babies and not the other way round. The professional throws in a few tips for the newbie in this area of photography

First and foremost, as per him the newborn photographer should have a liking for babies and children. He feels this branch of photography requires a lot of dedication, passion for children and a lot of patience.

Following the checklist

The Tacoma newborn photographer prefers to follow the checklist prepared while doing a newborn photo shoot. This he does to ensure a smooth and a memorable photo-shoot for the parents. He equips himself with all the tools and implements – camera, memory cards, stand, lighting equipments, various lenses, and props for the babies to make best use of the time.

He also prepares the parents mentally for a long photo-shoot. It may go from 1 hour to 4 hours. He checks with the parents beforehand regarding the babies schedule – feeding time, nap time so that various poses can be planned in advance.

Best time to take photographs

Tacoma newborn photographer also feels the best time to take close up shots of the baby is when he/she is asleep. He explains that the close-up shots of toes, hands, and face will be captured well only when the baby isn't moving.

He never fails to capture the moments with the family too. It is natural to photo-shoot the babies but he also feels that the family members – The mom, dad and siblings should join the baby in at least few of the photos.

Work according to the baby's preference

The Tacoma newborn photographer says that at times the baby may not cooperate by falling off its schedule unexpectedly. Both the parents and photographer should accept and try to reschedule the shoot instead of forcing the shoot. Probably they should take advantage of this situation to capture the “not so happy moments” of the baby.

So new mommies and daddies, get those wonderful moments with newborns captured and let the breathtaking photos give an opportunity to cherish those moments later.

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