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So, finally, you are ready to tie the knot with your beloved. It is definitely a moment to be remembered, cherished and loved. Soon, your long sweetheart will be your life partner for a lifetime.

Like every bride and groom, you would have secretly nurtured a whole lot of dreams for your D-day, including the attire, the venue, location, music, and decoration; not to forget the wedding video, Los Angeles. Do you want a cinematic style video, which seems more or less like a Hollywood flick? Do you want a conventional wedding video, Los Angeles, which shoots every moment in its original glory? Do you want to include the pre-wedding preparations? Do you want to include the guests' best wishes and interviews?

Similar to all other preparations, you would also have some aspirations attached to your wedding video. To give a brick-and-mortar form to these aspirations, select your wedding videographer with care to save your aspirations from crashing down. For, moments once lost cannot be captured again.

The Questionnaire

So, make sure you ask your videographer these important questions before booking.

  • The first obvious question is: “Do you have dates for the wedding day?”

Check if he is free to shoot.

  • “How long have your been filming wedding videos?”

Experience says everything about the videographer's skills in handling the gear, shooting the right moment in the right spirit, handling emergencies and more.

  • “What is your style?”

Wedding videos can be made in many styles; the conventional style, the cinematic style or the journalist style, which is more or less like a documentary. Ask him if he can create it in the style you want.

  • “How many of you will be shooting the wedding?”

This question holds immense importance, as one videographer cannot shoot from all angles and all people. You would not want to miss the vows and kiss, but you also do not want to miss the expressions of your family and friends while the vows go on. Moreover, a second videographer can step in case the gear of the first gets damaged or fails due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • “How do you handle the audio?”

The audio in the wedding video must be handled delicately and with care. While good music livens up the video, the vows and promises must be clearly audible.

  • “Have you ever worked with my photographer?”

Only when the videographer and photographer work as a team can they bring great results. See that they do not draw swords at each other. Choose a videographer who has teamed up with the photographer in the past.

  • “Do you have any package services?”

Videographers often offer packages for a great deal.

  • “When will you be shooting?”

Missing shooting certain moments like the dress-up time is disappointing. So, ask the videographer what and when he will shoot in advance.

  • “What is your editing process?”

Finally, shooting is an easy task compared to editing. Good editing gets fine results.

  • Finally, “When will I get the video?”

Ensure clarity in everything to avoid disappointment, as these important moments can neither be re-lived nor re-captured. There is only ONE TAKE!

So, get the best to do it.

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