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Most people will advise you against negotiating prices with your photographer, especially if it is a wedding photographer, or a newborn photographer. Not only is it insulting to the professional, you also run the dire risk of depleting the motivation of the photographer concerned. When he is not motivated enough, he is unlikely to give you those great frames you can put up on your walls.

However, that does not mean negotiating prices with your Tacoma photographer is entirely a bad idea. If you are respectful, and tread with question, you can catch a break without jeopardizing the quality.

But first, a complete no-no when negotiating with a photographer

Never cite bad economy as the reason for asking for a discount. If the economy is bad, it is bad for everyone, and that includes the photographer too. Always remember that while photography seems like an easy job (more so since everyone is a photographer these days), doing it professionally takes a lot of money. Professional photography equipment costs a lot to start with. In fact, most professionals often have to shell out their entire year's earnings to upgrade their equipment.

Moreover, a professional photographer will know how to get a good shot on a bad day. For instance, if you are hiring a Tacoma photographer for newborn photoshoot, it could be that the baby is just not in mood to listen to you on the day of the shoot. A professional would know how to handle such a situation.

And now, some tips to negotiate a deal with your Tacoma photographer


Entice them with something offbeat

It is not just photographers that are doing a service to you. You can do them a service as well by going for offbeat ideas. Photographers are always looking for an opportunity to enhance their portfolio, and offbeat shoots can be a great way.

Thus, it could be a wedding at an offbeat location, or some crazy ideas you might have for your maternity photoshoot. However, play this card only if you are absolutely sure you want to do it. Don't entice a photographer with the promise of something offbeat and then renege on the day. Doing so is cheating, literally.

Work out barter

Sometimes, a Tacoma photographer might need services that you provide. For example, you could be a masseur in the region. Thus, instead of working out a direct discount, strike a deal and make the photographer your client. That way, you both get paid what you deserve, and you still get money back, indirectly.

Charm the photographer

Most photographers agree that they cut down rates only with people they feel comfortable with. Thus, throw in a little bit of humor, and make your Tacoma Maternity Photographer feel comfortable if you are serious about negotiating prices. For instance, instead of sending a dry email, asking for prices, try sending a story of how you and your fiance met, or what you have in your head about your impending photoshoot.

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