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Attend any event and you will probably see a portable photo booth. These booths seem to be all the rage and they are popping up everywhere. Many bride and grooms are now adding these photo booths as part of their reception. Wedding guests love this idea because they are able to get mementos to keep after the reception is over.

Corporate events are also jumping in on the act. Some of the most formal corporate events are sporting high class portable photo booths that resemble sports cars and golf carts. For those holiday parties there are booths made to look like winter sleighs. There is no end to the type of photo booth you may encounter when you attend an event.

Have you ever thought about getting into the photobooth business? There is money to be made for every event that is booked and customers love the idea of having these booths at events. Not sure you want to buy a brand new photobooth? You can purchase a used booth and still make just as much money at the events.

A photobooth business can be a part time job or a full time business. There are always customers looking to have events boked that get turned away because the date is already booked. This is where having your own photobooth business can really pay off.

Along with the booth you will want to be looking into software applications. The applications that are available today allow your machine to do things that were not available in the past. With one push of a button the screen in the booth becomes a touchscreen with no need for a keyboard.

When guests step into the booth at an event to have a picture taken they are greeted with many options. For those who would like a different background all they have to do is choose the background of their choice from the touchscreen. Want to add text? Guests can also add text and they are good to go.

Portable photo booths will collapse and usually have their own carrying cases. There is no need to buy a van or truck because the case will fit right into your car. Advanced applications will allow you to set up the booth in literally minutes. Attending events has never been easier.

Customers can also choose from one larger picture or the traditional smaller thumbnail types. Having the option to choose makes guests happy and happy guests will want to book events. Adding their own text at the end of the photo session allows them to personalize the keepsake.

When the bride and groom rent a portable booth for their wedding reception, chances are they will be receiving a guest book at the end of the event. In the guestbook there is a copy of all the images that were taken during the reception. Time and again these types of events will result in more events being booked by the time the booth attendee begins packing things up.

When looking to purchase your first portable photo booth be sure to check what the frame is made out of. The frame should be high quality aluminium. A DSLR camera and 1080p HD webcam should be part of the booth so that the images will be of high quality. Most will have the capacity to vireo in slow motion.

When looking into the photo booth and applications make sure that they have customer support available. You do not want to be dealing with a company that does not stand behind what it makes. And if there is a free trail on the software then this is a great time to find out if this is the right software for your photo booth business.

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