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Wedding moments are magical and all couples wish to capture every moment of their “magical” day in a CD or DVD, which they can replay time and again to create the “magic” once again. If you are married and have a video of your wedding, you can certainly identify with the “magic” mentioned above. Isn't it wonderful?

It certainly is!!!!

Well, while most couples are happy with their magical moments, there are others who complain about their wedding videos and secretly wish that they would have hired the best wedding videographers with better care and diligence. However, they are now left lamenting. For, neither the moments come again, nor the guests nor the day and nor the videographer. This explains the importance of choosing the best wedding videographers from the herd.

Google or……?

So, how would you choose a wedding videographer, who promises more than just shooting your wedding from the beginning till the end?

Here are a few questions; the answers of which will lead you to the best wedding videographer and leave lament miles away.

  • What is your video style and storytelling style?

The latest fad is the cinematic style wedding. You would have seen the same in a friend's or relative's wedding video. Do you want the same? If yes, then see that your videographer and you are the same page on this style. You might just presume that all videographers have the same style and your wedding video may turn out to be the conventional one, shooting the wedding from the beginning to the end, without a storyline, special effects, interesting audio or others. Well, if you want the traditional style, remember to check on the same.

  • What is your coverage?

Every videographer spends a different number of hours for covering the wedding. Choose one that matches your time, budget and style of the wedding.

  • How much time do you require to produce the video?

Ensure that you are not left waiting for days and months to re-live your important moments.

  • How many wedding videos have you shot?

This answer spells the experience of the videographer. A smart idea is to watch his works.

  • How will you handle the audio?

Audio is as important as the motion picture itself. You would definitely not want to lose the clarity of the vows being taken.

  • What kind of cameras and light will you use?

Notwithstanding the expertise of the videographer, good-quality equipment also promises good quality videos.

  • Will you co-ordinate with my photographer? Have your worked with him before?

The videographer and photographer may not be the best of friends, but a good relationship goes a long way in getting the best pictures and best videos.

  • What is your editing process?

A professionally edited video, post production is what provides the finest quality wedding videos.

  • How much do your charge and are there any package offers?

Videographers often have great deals in package offers. Finding the details of this will lead you to the best deals.

With all the answers in your “diary”, you will certainly reach the best wedding videographers, who can do true and ultimate justice to your wedding video.

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