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So your business marketing strategy is going to involve an online video this year? Now you have to make the toughest of decisions and the decision would be to work with whom. There're literally hundreds of video production firms out there in Edmonton, and discovering the perfect fit can be a stressful task.

Your primary instinct may be to check out a few sample videos, then make a choice, but rather, you must take your time to attentively take into account what a perfect commercial video production unit might look like. No doubt, production quality is vital, but so are creativity, culture and communication. The last thing you'd wish to do is make a huge investment (both time and money) only to realize that the final product does not reflect your brand or tell your business story accurately.

To help you here I have compiled a list of few questions to ask yourself before making any stupid decision.

Do they care about your company?

Never ever try to make a decision without talking to someone at the company first. Within first few minutes of discussion you will get a very good idea of how much they care about your business.

Are they truly fascinated in what you do, or does it look like you are just another lead? Do they inquire relevant, precise questions regarding your organization and how it runs? You wish to ensure that the firm you have made a decision to work with is passionate regarding your project and keen in making your commercial video a real success.

Do they've fresh & creative ideas?

With innumerable video production units present there, everything can start to look & sound the same after a while (particularly if you are looking at more than one portfolio). And if it seems “same old ” to you, possibilities are it'll look that way to your clients.

Strive to find a video production unit that tries to produce truly exclusive work. It'll make your business video more catchy and definitely surpass it competitors. If you aren't so certain, ask the firm to throw you a few ideas at the beginning. This straightforward trick will perhaps aware you if they've the capability to present you with something extraordinary or not.

Is there a culture fit?

Are these people you could hangout with? Do they share identical philosophies when it is about doing business. Do they work well as a team? If no, they mayn't be ideal firm to represent you as well as your culture precisely.

How's the production quality?

This is yet another important question to ask! Do the commercial videos look and feel professional? If it is live action, does it seem like it was filmed in an unit bathroom? If it's animated, does it employ custom illustration or stock assets?

At the end of the day, all that truly matters is whether you love their work or not.


By going through these queries prior to choosing a video production or individual videographer in Edmonton, you will definitely save yourself significant money, time and frustration. The firm you choose possibly end up turning into a long term partner. So, ask these questions and I can say you won't regret later. Wish your best of luck!

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