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Art and photographs are treasures that are preserved with every possible care. The best way to preserve them is to frame them well and maintain its quality with regular maintenance. Art on canvas are the ones that are the most delicate as they do not always have a protective layer to cover it from dust and grime. Every art piece is something that is close to your heart as it may be something you have created yourself or have purchased it as you have loved it the moment you have seen it.

Created for Life is a platform that helps you to have great looking frames with custom picture framing, print excellent quality photographs with inkjet printing and provides you with tips on taking good care of your artwork and preserving it until the longest time possible. Taking care of artwork is something that requires patience and time and parting with both of these can help in keeping your artwork intact for a longer period. Here are a few tips that could help you keep them safe and intact while allowing the beholder to admire the art.

  • Keep away from direct light – While you may disagree to this as without sufficient light, the art may not look as appealing as it should be. In reality, artwork should always be placed in areas that have less light. Continuous exposure to natural or artificial light may affect the condition where the colour may fade and if there is the presence of organic colours in the painting, the colour may crack and peel off with time. If you have a room that is well lit all the time, you could opt for protective gear where you can mount glass or vinyl on the art to keep it safe.
  • Avoid excessive humidity and heat – Organic paints are hygroscopic in nature and have the tendency to absorb moisture from the air. Therefore having a humid room can be harmful to your paintings. Ensure that there are natural ventilators in the room and it doesn't heat up excessively. Avoid installing room heaters or keeping the art in closed boxes. The heat created would suffocate the paint to either melt or sweat and thus ruining the painting that is a treasure for you. Hanging art in kitchens and bathrooms are a strict prohibition as these rooms do not often have the right air flow.
  • Keep away from pests – Damp and warm walls are the best places for pests to thrive. They also love places that are dusty and cosy and therefore it is essential for you to keep your artwork safe and clean at all times. Regular dusting and keeping it fresh would increase its longevity and thus keeping it intact.
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