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With the festive season around the corner, lots of fireworks are in the timeline around the country. Fireworks serve as a perfect symbolism for festive occasions or joyful events. From the private greetings to corporate gifting, perfectly-clicked photographs are highly appreciated. Hence, every passionate photographer, who loves to 'live' every moment she breathes, likes to make the festive occasions more special through photographs.

But shooting fireworks perfectly is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires dedication, patience and lots and lots of skills. If you've always been excited about shooting fireworks but haven't been able to, here's a quick guide that will light up your firework photos!

  • Remember the phrase “Early Bird Gets the Worm”? The first step to fantastic firework shoot is to reach the best spot well before sunset. Along these lines, you'll get a pleasant field of perspective without individuals hindering your sight lines.
  • The Tripod shall be well set! This is an inevitable part (even if you prefer to be mobile). The truth is that most decent shots of firecrackers demands greater exposure than anybody can handhold. Your lens should be open for a few moments; firecrackers shots have a tendency to be in the 3-5 second range, and nobody can hand hold that long!
  • Lens' Point of focus should be infinity. The firecrackers are by far so high in the sky that any lesser focus can add a blurred effect.
  • Your images require depth of field. Hence, set your aperture to f8.0.
  • Picture Adjustment? Nay! Turn off picture adjustment if your lens is so prepared. IS (VR) endeavors to counter hand shake. On the off chance that your camera is on a tripod and there is no shake, the lens can have a tendency to make shake where none exists.
  • Let the UV filter rest at home! If you have a tendency to have an UV channel on your wide point lenses at all times, it's time for a change. Take it off for shooting firecrackers; as there's no UV light during the evening.
  • Lastly, to make your shots distinctive, ensure you incorporate encompassing zones. While a decent fresh firecrackers plumage is constantly pleasant, every Tom and Harry is doing it. Hence How about considering the impression of the firecrackers from the water beneath?

Let The Firework Shooting Begin!

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