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You may have seen them in big budget Hollywood flicks, but drones also play a critical role in real estate photography. They are indeed a game changer in property photography.

In fact, drone aerial photography is a key real estate marketing tool for agents and companies to stay competitive.

Aerial Photography

To put it simply; aerial photography refers to taking photographs of the ground / land / structure from an elevated position. In order to capture aerial photos, you need a remote-controlled drone and camera equipment.

Significance of Aerial View Photography Services

Real estate agents rely on drones photos to market their properties. Unlike traditional photography, these photos give buyers a rare, bird's eye view of any structure, building or home for sale.

Aerial photography helps boost a property's profile. It is the most effective way to provide prospective buyers with a better overview of the property and its surrounding area – neighborhood, proximity to public transport, shops and schools. Prospective buyers get a glimpse of its size, features and shape, which helps them make an informed buying decision.

In the long run, these photos and videos make the real estate process less stressful for buyers. Additionally, they can view aerial listing photos at their own convenience in order to analyze various aspects of a property. At the end of the day, aerial images communicate a property's key points to expedite its sale.

Furthermore, perfectly captured aerial shots tell the unique story of a commercial or residential property for sale. These shots serve as visual representation of a property and its background.

Tips for aerial real estate photography

Aerial photography drives engagement and interest from prospective real estate clients. If you are interested in using this cutting-edge technique for your listing photos, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Work with a certified aerial real estate photography company. Make sure their drone operators are properly licensed.
  • Discuss your project requirements with the aerial real estate photographers beforehand, especially the kind of aerial shots you have in mind.
  • Ask the photographers to show you examples of their previous work. This will help you determine their quality of work.
  • Before the start of the photo shoot, inform your neighbors that you will be shooting – if the property is located in an urban area.
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