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The best way to perceive how delightful an architectural structure looks like or how creatively composed an organisation's interior is by being there. If that's not possible, then well shot photos are the next best option for you. With a huge number of photos being uploaded on the web day by day, it's difficult to stand out.

In short, photography done by focusing on architecture and interior is a work of art. Let's read what Sam Crawford has to say and how to get the best shot in this type of photography.

See Through Your Eyes Before Looking From Your Camera

Sam Crawford, who is also a professional architecture and interior photographer always sees places through his eyes first and then uses his camera lens to capture mesmerising pictures of that building or its interiors. With the help of the guide who is helping you to visit the building, you can discover the views of the building that have the most famous designs and shapes. At that point you can shoot a couple of different angle edges of these areas to make certain that you have clicked the best view.

Lighting Is What You Need To Amazing Pictures

When you're clicking a scene under the sun, then lighting is usually not a thing to consider, but when it's about interior photography, good amount of lighting is the only thing that is important. Sam Crawford is always attentive towards the amount of light, the brightness in the room, shading, colour and quality as it can strengthen certain surfaces while putting other zones into darkness.

Utilise The Environment To Your Advantage

Take a look at some famous architectural monument on a splendid sunny day may feel like a lovely view and on a rainy day the same monument or building can look a bit different. However, when you see it through your camera lens, then it might look simply like another ordinary click. This type of photography can turn out to be ten times better when extreme weather conditions like dusk, dawn or heavy rains are utilised to strengthen the value of a photo.

Get The Vertical Lines Right

It is critical to keep the vertical lines of your structures straight. As a general rule, it is a much better picture if the vertical lines are not inclined somehow (this rule change for leaning tower of Pisa). However, it is recommended by Sam Crawford Photography to keep the lines in the right direction.

Utilise Your Equipment Fully

Every photographer has his/her own style of clicking pictures, but it's still recommended that you should use the equipment that is being used by professional photographers for years. A solid tripod and a laptop to which you can attach, click, and then quickly see your picture can help you guarantee that you're getting desirable results.

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