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A well-known, rather obvious fact that floats around the fashion world is that fashion photography is only about fashion. Even though it is a no-brainer to believe, but the real process of conducting a fashion shoot isn't as straightforward as many people suppose. There's a lot more than clothes, styling and lighting that runs through a fashion photographer's mind. The ultimate key to exceptional photography is a splendid location.

It is imperative for fashion photographers to bear in mind that scouting for the perfect location is essential to work, not an afterthought. The profound connection between location and fashion photography is looking for a setting that enhances the subject of the photograph, be it clothes, makeup or accessories.

Keep reading to learn about the key locations that can provide an edge to your photography:


To add an edgy feel to your photos, use the inside of an old, industrial warehouse. The dark shadows in the warehouse will allow you to get a range of good quality shots. Make sure you inform the costume designer and the stylist in advance to either wear contrasting, vibrant colors to stand out, or wear dark, intense colors to complement the feel of the warehouse. You can even utilize any old equipment placed inside the warehouse as props to create an interesting background.


If you have the option, try to convince your team to conduct the shoot at a beach. The natural beauty of the ocean will add a spectacular view to the picture, making it look out of the world. Since sand is a dull, matt color, you can request the designers for bright and vibrant colors to counterbalance the backdrop. There couldn't be a better place to shoot for a summer wardrobe than sunny beaches.


Nothing can beat the charm of famous landmarks and monuments that the country you are shooting in is celebrated and recognized for. Use statues and landmarks throughout the town to get a striking background. They will not only add an arresting appeal to your images, but also add a new level of creativity to it. However, it is important to direct the focus on the model, instead of the object in the background.

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